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Natalie Bernasconi Building the Brands

 Natty B journey from an aspiring entrepreneur to a social media marketing expert.

Natalie Bernasconi, Marketing Strategy, Instagram Expert, and Educator for small businesses, launched "Social by Natty Ltd", a social media marketing consultancy. They offer personalized social media marketing coaching, content creation, and strategic audits, particularly focused on Instagram.

They help small business owners, entrepreneurs, or any established business to enhance their business in the dynamic social media landscape. Businesses in skincare, boutique, coffee, and design industries, as well as motivated mothers eager to make their mark online, are the ones seeking their resources.

Natty Bernasconi is transforming the social media landscape into a manageable platform for her clients, emphasizing practical, no-nonsense strategies over fleeting trends.

At consultancy, a comprehensive package that includes a deep-dive audit, strategy formulation, and a 90-day content plan is designed to streamline and optimize the client's social media presence. They provide monthly 1:1 coaching and Strategy sessions for those seeking ongoing support. Additionally, the "Office Hours" provide ad-hoc, focused consultations for immediate strategic needs.

Their tested stagiest save time, enhance productivity, and establish genuine connections online. Results include enhanced online visibility, increased engagement, authentic brand storytelling, and a strategic approach to content that drives business growth.

They give clearance to their clients on how and why each strategy works, giving them control over their digital narratives. Natty, with her invaluable insights into the digital world, especially for product and service-based businesses, turns her followers into loyal customers.

"Over seven years, I've honed a direct, effective approach to online success, helping over 100 brands elevate their Instagram game."

One thing that sets the consultancy apart is Natty Bernasconi's diverse background and unique approach to social media marketing. Her unique perspective allows her to craft strategies that are not only effective but also deeply understanding of the challenges and aspirations specific to clients. She leverages experiences from a decade of nomadic living, years as a preschool teacher, and being a mother to bring unparalleled depth and empathy to her coaching. She is a mentor committed to guiding others in their digital endeavors.

Understanding the philosophy of digital wellness and mindful marketing, integrating these elements into coaching to ensure clients not only thrive online but also maintain harmony offline.

The consultancy emphasizes long-term relationships rather than transactional interactions. Natty Bernasconi invests in the success of her clients over time, offering continuous support. Small Group Intensives, which are designed to provide ongoing learning and community support, creating a network of collaboration and mutual growth.

Their unique approach to testing and applying strategies before recommending them is what makes them distinct. Their advice is practice-proven, offering clients a level of reliability and trustworthiness that is rare in the industry.

"My adventure began with a venti oat milk cappuccino and a dream to break free from the routine of my property development job. This quest for freedom led me to explore social media marketing, turning a side hustle into a burning passion."

Talking about her challenges through the journey. Despite achieving significant success in her first year, the skepticism of others cast a long shadow over her accomplishments, challenging her resolve at every turn. She was met with waves of doubt from those around her, including her mother and partner.

After becoming a mother, she makes a breakthrough in her professional life, focusing on her mental and physical health. Returning in July 2023, she found herself starting from scratch, without the financial security she once had. The entirety of 2023 was a battle against financial instability, testing her resilience to its limits.

She didn't just return to her business; she rebuilt it to surpass its previous success, securing a stable income and a roster of loyal returning and retainer clients. This journey from financial instability back to stability is a testament to her unwavering belief in her vision, her work ethic, and her ability to foster trust and loyalty among her clients.

Her being a full-time stay-at-home mother, without a support network or childcare, increases the complexity of the situation. Balancing the responsibilities of family and business often meant sacrificing personal time and rest. Her story is a powerful reminder that success isn't solely measured by the heights one achieves but also by the depths one has climbed from.

As a woman who faces both profound privilege and formidable challenges, she advises young women aspiring to carve their niche in the business world or those already on their voyage.

Embracing one's unique perspective is the top of them. The world of business thrives on diversity of thought and innovation. , a woman's perspective, shaped by her experiences, challenges, and triumphs, equips her with a unique lens through which to see opportunities and solutions where others might not.

Entrepreneurship is a test of endurance. There will be moments of doubt, failure, and critique. Building resilience is thus crucial. Remember, every setback is a setup for a comeback.

Remember, your intuition is a powerful guide. If something doesn't feel right for your business, it likely isn't. Trust in your insights and judgments - they've brought you this far and will continue to guide you.

Building a network of entrepreneurs and seeking mentorship is valuable. These networks provide support, advice, and sometimes, the necessary reality checks to keep you grounded and focused.

Courage to take risks, to speak up, to stand for what you believe in, and to step into the unknown. Entrepreneurship is as much a journey of personal growth as it is of business. To every young woman standing at the threshold of entrepreneurship or finding her stride within it, they should keep in mind that their journey is uniquely theirs. It will be fraught with challenges, but each one holds the promise of growth, learning, and ultimately, success. 

"Embrace failure as a teacher, not an adversary. It's a necessary step on the path to innovation and success."

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