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Petra Home Care: Elevating Home Health Services with Compassion and Expertise

Petra Home Care is a shining example of professional and caring home health care in the center of Houston, Texas. Founded by Victoria Showunmi in 2020, this healthcare organization has quickly grown to be a reliable source, providing a range of services to people who want extra help and support in the comfort of their own homes.

Coordinated Care by Registered Nurses: A Unique Approach

What sets Petra Home Care apart is its commitment to excellence in healthcare. Services are not just provided; they are coordinated and supervised by a team of Registered Nurses. This unique approach ensures a higher standard of care and instills confidence in clients and their families. The agency takes pride in its capability to initiate services on the same day, addressing the immediate needs of individuals.

Comprehensive Home Care Services: Beyond the Basics

Petra Home Care goes beyond conventional home care services. While they cover essentials like assistance with bathing, dressing, ambulation, meal preparation, laundry, errands, and transportation, the agency also offers specialized support such as ostomy care, tube feeding, and medication assistance. This comprehensive range of services reflects Petra Home Care's dedication to meeting the diverse needs of its clients.

Ensuring Safety: Triumph Over COVID-19

The journey of Petra Home Care is marked by resilience, particularly during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. The agency successfully navigated through these turbulent times, providing safe and uninterrupted home care services. Ensuring the safety of clients at home became a top priority, showcasing Petra Home Care's commitment to the well-being of those they serve.

A Path to Fulfillment and Success

Victoria Showunmi shares invaluable advice for women entrepreneurs aspiring to navigate the world of business. She emphasizes the importance of personal and leadership development, resilience, and building a network of like-minded individuals. Running a successful business, according to Showunmi, goes beyond financial goals; it brings fulfillment and enables entrepreneurs to set their pace for growth with limitless rewards.

Petra Home Care: Where Compassion Meets Experience

Petra Home Care is more than an agency; it's a promise of quality, reliable, and consistent care for seniors and the elderly. With a team boasting a combined experience of over 20 years in the healthcare and home care industry, Petra Home Care stands as a reliable partner, alleviating stress while ensuring clients receive the care they deserve.

Comprehensive Home Care Services: Tailored to Your Needs

The array of services offered by Petra Home Care includes assistance with personal care, meal preparation, light housekeeping, running errands, companionship, medication reminders, care coordination, post-hospital care, and hospice care support. Each service is delivered with the utmost compassion and professionalism.

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