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Sanjana Thakur: Weaving Dreams into Threads of Tradition

Crafting Elegance: The Birth of Sanjana Thakur's Charisma

In the bustling Indian city of Thane, Sanjana Thakur, a passionate architect turned fashion designer, embarked on a remarkable journey. Her mission? To weave fantasies into the very fabric of tradition. In 2017, she founded Charisma, driven by her unwavering love for Indian crafts, innovative design, and the vibrant cultural tapestry of her country.

Architectural Vision, Fashion Passion: The Genesis of Sanjana Thakur

Sanjana’s transition from architecture to fashion design unfolded organically. Fueled by a profound appreciation for intricate hand embroidery and an unbridled passion for fashion, she established Sanjana Thakur in 2022. Her label celebrates the artistry of Made in India, preserving heritage and showcasing cultural brilliance.


Design Philosophy: Respecting Craft, Embracing Originality

The brand’s philosophy centers around exploring festive wardrobe essentials while valuing originality and deeply appreciating India’s rich textile heritage. Sanjana Thakur reveres and integrates time-honored crafts into her designs, infusing them with individual purpose and a commitment to ethical business practices.

Collections that Reflect Life and Nature: From Pret to Bridal Wear

Sanjana Thakur offers a diverse array of collections, spanning from everyday wear to couture and bridal ensembles. Drawing inspiration from life and the natural world, her designs showcase innovation in textiles, intricate embroidery, and elegant silhouettes. Whether for contemporary brides or bridesmaids, the brand takes pride in crafting custom outfits for both women and men.

Global Presence, Local Craftsmanship: A Loyal Client Base

Sanjana Thakur’s designs have resonated not only within India but also on the international stage. With a steadfast commitment to preserving heritage craftsmanship and celebrating cultural richness, the brand has cultivated a loyal following. The harmonious blend of Indian artistry and modern sensibilities results in unique, timeless pieces cherished by clients worldwide.

Where Tradition Meets Modern Aesthetics

What distinguishes Sanjana Thakur is their unwavering dedication to upholding tradition while infusing it with modern aesthetics. Their unique selling proposition lies in offering a diverse array of fresh designs, all staying true to their brand ethos. Whether it’s everyday wear or bridal attire, they seamlessly blend tradition and contemporary elegance.

Navigating Through the Storms of 2020

The year 2020 presented unprecedented challenges, with the global pandemic disrupting businesses worldwide. For Sanjana Thakur and Charisma, the lockdown and restrictions caused financial strain, delaying the creation of their inaugural collection. However, amidst adversity, they discovered an opportunity to design their new collection, aptly named ‘Garden of Love,’ which garnered affection and appreciation from their clients.

Consistency, Talent, and Resilience

For aspiring women entrepreneurs, Sanjana Thakur imparts valuable wisdom: “Consistency and talent distinguish individuals. During difficult times, persistence and unwavering determination define true heroes. By leveraging creative strengths and delivering exceptional service to clients, one can leave a lasting impression. A memorable experience, coupled with outstanding design, resonates with people.”


Sanjana Thakur's Charisma - Where Threads Speak Stories


Sanjana Thakur’s voyage from architecture to fashion design, embodied in Charisma, serves as a tribute to creativity, heritage, and unwavering determination. With every needle’s movement, she spins narratives of tradition and ingenuity, crafting timeless masterpieces that traverse geographical boundaries. In the dynamic realm of fashion, Sanjana Thakur’s Charisma radiates as a luminous haven, where threads eloquently converse in the language of dreams and legacy.

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