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The CEO of MEETOPTICS BÁRBARA BUADES Great Companies International Women Entrepreneur Award 2024

Bárbara Buades the co-founder and CEO of MEETOPTICS has completed her graduation in

physics When Bárbara was a Master’s student she was exploring and researching optics and

photonics. She was working on a laboratory project when she found herself having to stop the procedure for 8 weeks to find a particular optical component in order to continue with the

project. Through this experience she discerned that it is not only her but many engineers and

researchers face such bottlenecks which ultimately hinders their work and projects by wasting their time. She decided to make a platform metasearch and guide that would help the search of photonics technology handy and easy to obtain.

MEETOPTICS make photonics more accessible and help thousands of engineers and

researchers find the optics they need. It assists in getting specialised optical components for

photonics technologies to make them less complex to find and save time.It is a highly

customised search engine designed especially for researchers and optical engineers with over 100,000 optical components, each with tens of specifications crucial to performance and thousands of suppliers. You can find optical components by comparing and filtering to make your search more honed. MEETOPTICS provide direct access to photonics services providers with decades of experience, capable of completing even the most demanding projects. The creators keep adding new features regularly. They have also launched an academy page with technical specification and information and forum where users can discuss technical questions and a ray tracing stimulator open and free to all.

Many customers say that MEETOPTICS has made it easy to get optical components and

highly recommend it. The Journey of Bárbara from being a Lab researcher and a student to

being a CEO was quite wholesome but is inspirational. Being the Co-founder and CEO

brings a lot of responsibility and work load but Barbara successfully managed with her team

and partners supporting her. She shared that leading a research team and building a company from scratch are quite similar as at the end success is on your shoulder. She believes that one should dream big but to be cautious and take small steps and advice from people that can help and not be overconfident and do everything alone. Gaining trust of your clients , users and partners is crucial in business and that can only be achieved by consistency.

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