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Unveiling the Augmented Future: Dana Chermesh-Reshef and inCitu's Journey

A Visionary Entrepreneur inside the World of Augmented Reality

In a swiftly evolving world where technology intersects with urban development, Dana Chermesh-Reshef stands as a visionary entrepreneur, pioneering the use of augmented reality (AR) to revolutionize city planning and experience. Through her innovative venture, inCitu, Dana transforms the way communities engage with urban change. Let's delve into Dana Chermesh-Reshef's inspiring journey and inCitu's groundbreaking contributions to urban development.

inCitu transforms real-estate and planning data into Augmented Reality experiences, easily accessible through your smartphone.

We provide a simple toolkit for engaging stakeholders in real life, on-site or remote, and integrate seamlessly with existing platforms.

  • 5,000 future developments made available in AR

  • 250,000 residents viewed upcoming projects near their homes through our AR experiences

  • 1,000,000 people impacted by developments available in our dataset

Setting the Stage: inCitu's Innovative Approach to Urban Change

  • Pioneering Augmented Reality in Urban Development

  • Exploring the Intersection of Technology and Urban Planning

  • Leveraging Augmented Reality for Community Engagement

  • Enhancing Stakeholder Collaboration Through AR Experiences

The Genesis of inCitu: A Brooklyn-based totally Revolution

  • Dana Chermesh-Reshef: The Driving Force Behind inCitu's Success

  • Establishing inCitu: A Leap of Faith in the World of Augmented Reality

  • Building a Culture of Innovation and Creativity at inCitu

Transforming Data into Tangible Experiences

  • The Power of Data in Urban Development

  • Leveraging Open Data for AR Experiences

  • From Data to AR: Bridging the Gap with inCitu's Technology

  • Customizing AR Solutions for Diverse Urban Environments

Overcoming Challenges: Pilots, Perseverance, and Progress

  • Navigating the Complexities of Urban Pilots

  • Demonstrating inCitu's Value Proposition: Lessons Learned

  • Overcoming Technical and Regulatory Hurdles in AR Development

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Insights from Dana Chermesh-Reshef

  • Breaking Barriers: Challenges and Triumphs as a Female Entrepreneur

  • Mentorship and Advocacy: Dana Chermesh-Reshef's Commitment to Supporting Women in Tech

  • Words of Wisdom: Dana Chermesh-Reshef's Advice for Women Entrepreneurs

Conclusion: Shaping the Future, One AR Experience at a Time

In conclusion, Dana Chermesh-Reshef's journey with inCitu illustrates the transformative power of entrepreneurship and innovation in shaping tomorrow's cities. Her pioneering spirit and dedication to leveraging AR technology for the greater good inspire a new generation of women entrepreneurs. As inCitu continues to redefine urban landscapes, the future appears brighter and more augmented than ever before.


"This is the tool we’ve never dared to dream of." - Layla Law-Gisiko, Executive Committee, Manhattan Community Board 5, Chair of the Land Use and Zoning committee

"I’ve seen so much change here, this is the first time someone is asking me what I think." - Lucy, traffic policewoman in Manhattan for 29 years

"In the history of planning, there have never been 100K views on any proposals that I know of!" - Mark Funkhauser, former Mayor of Kansas City

“I wish we had this tool back when we were out every day with clipboards to get feedback.” - Michael Marshall, Principal, FAIA, at Michael Marshall Design

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