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Alexandra Clare carved her name as the winner of 2024 Great Companies International Women Entrepreneur in Tech category.

The Co-Founder of Re:code Alexandra Clare is an Alumni of NewYork University. It is quite

fascinating how she decided on developing Re:code, an online nonprofit platform for students

to learn coding and help them get employed. She is an international lawyer and after

graduation her plan was to move to Geneva and work in Humanitarian Diplomacy for the

International committee of the Red Cross. Nevertheless ,while doing her Masters she

travelled to Iraq there she witnessed millions of Iraqis evading Mosul in the Wake of ISIS.

Only 3% of youth had access to education, while employment and placement opportunities

were scarce. She interviewed 400 youth candidates to understand what skills they dreamed to learn and found technology as a common answer from here the idea of Re:code started to


Re:code trains and prepare conflict-affected younsters how to code through enticing boot

camps and create pathways for economic opportunity by providing apprencticeship and job

placements in the tech industry. Re:code started with operating two countries and gradually

are expanding with their motto to empower next generation leaders.Through this amazing

plarform they are continuously tens of thousands of people from under-represented

background to acquire required skills, market driven training ,career support and succeed in

the workplace. Re:code is constantly supporting millions. 86% employment rate and retention

rate about 53% female students have enrolled themselves. Re:code aims to expand more in

Europe this year.

A student shared "If you are in to programming and lack guidance, Re:Coded is what you need. They will evolve you into something beyond a programmer. It is totally a life changer!"

Tarkan Mansuroğlu Frontend Bootcamp, Türkiye. Re:code believes that everyone has

unlocked potential and a story to share and therefore Re:code is relentlessly working to create a welcoming space for everyone who desire acquire experties and learn things through caring.

It was a prodigious challenge for Alexndra Clare to build a community and space where

everybody could aspire to persue career in tech industry and take steps towards their dream

but Alexandra and her team certainly made a great change by giving under privillaged, refugees, conflict affected and others a great chance to be a part and work in tech

industry through Re:code. Alexandra never planed on becoming an entreprenuer but whe she saw people in need and was determined to change the future of education in conflict affected countries. She is a living example of where there is will there is a way. If you’re truly

passionate about it , keep persevering till the end.


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