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Angie Holzer Clinches 2024 Great Companies International Women Entrepreneur Award

There is no force equal to a  woman determined to rise. Angie Holzer the founder and CEO of Wikicharties has proved this quote right. Angie with her countless efforts, determination and conviction has given wikicharities a great success. Acknowledging her efforts and great work she has been announced as the winner of 2024 GREAT COMPANIES INTERNATIONAL AWARDS.

In 2020 Angie Holzer founded Wikicharities which was known as Given tree before. Wikicharities is the largest access nonprofit global database in the world. Holzer spent ample time working in the world of nonprofits to aid and coordinate medical relief and other international outreach. She saw a lot of good that come from the work of non profit but also witnessed challenges that comes with it such as frauds, misuse of the philanthropic funding, trickery etc. She made the nonprofit sector her focus and studied the structure, functions, strengths, and weaknesses of the nonprofit groups. Armed with the data record Holzer envisaged a globally accessible digital toolset that would address problems faced by nonprofit organisations and assist them to engage and publicly share transparency and accountability validation.

Wikicharities aims to improve transparency and accountability in the nonprofit sector by providing them online programmes where quality charities are searchable by location and topic , show accountability through nonprofit validation, increase collaborations to optimise the experience of nonprofit organisations and nonprofit resource providers. Wikicharities assists the nonprofit organisations to connect with the community, provides validation to increase trust and transparency and helps in collaborations with other nonprofits in their space. 

Over 2.1million nonprofits in the U.S and Canada have registered and are benefitting through Wikicharaties. Total 9 non profit organisations in India have registered themselves with Wiki Charities.They offer internships and other mediums through which one can donate as well as work with the organisation to accelerate their reach.

“We are excited about the WikiCharities validation, It helps us vet and improve trust with nonprofits especially as we work in the international space” said Cameron Outlaw, Director, A Child's Hope Foundation. Many other organisations have shared their reviews and expressed their working experience with Wikicharities.

In whatever you do, you need to be determined and be original to stand out. Angie Holzer and her team truly define this quote .Their tireless working ,striving to connect the nonprofit sector by providing them with programmes to assist them is exceptional and is an example of dedication and excellence.

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