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Anita Rana became the recipient of the Great Companies International Women Entrepreneur Award.

Anita Katyal Rana is assisting the students to shape their future and find Better opportunities

through conducting relevant tests and career counselling. She founded Proventus Education

in 2013 to bridge the gap between potential students and opportunities and was committed to guide students with callibour to attain the right track in building their career. Anita is a

mother and she understood the importance of getting correct guidance in the crucial years

when the young minds are confused and need cicerone to direct them and open new

routeways and junctures for them. She thought of initiating and creating an institution which

will specially work for Guiding the students through this phase and provide best assistance in

searching the correct career for themselves.

Proventus Education: Distinctive Excellence in the UAE Educational landscape. Mostly the

counsellors depend on the current career trends and assume the students will follow the same instead of researching about the students overall cerebral status and conducting conversation about the students opinion and choices.The approach is grounded in data driven counselling. Counsellors harness the wealth of Data furnished by the Career Assessment test to suggest universities that genuinely align with the students uniqueness and capabilities. The data driven methodology markedly diminishes the likelihood of demotivation or disconnection later on in the academic journey.

Anita's journey as an entrepreneur was not easy as she faced a lot of hurdles in making

Proventus a more accessible and relevant resource in the world of competitors. Ensuring

credibility and trust in the minds of students and educational institutions was one of the

biggest challenges faced by her. Building the foundation from scratch, maintaining its

standard, being ethical in the business and proving yourself as the best in the competitive

domain is not easy but Anita was determined and she made it through by immense hard work and continuous dedication to give her best.

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