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Connie Henderson Lindsay: Protecting Veteran Pride

In the heart of Tampa, USA, Connie Henderson Lindsay leads an extraordinary initiative, Liberty Manor for Veterans, Inc., dedicated to reshaping the narrative for veterans in need. Established in 2016, Liberty Manor stands as a beacon of hope, providing essential housing and support services to those who have served their country. Explore their mission and impact further at

A Lifeline for Veterans

Connie Henderson Lindsay envisioned Liberty Manor not merely as a shelter but as a lifeline for veterans who have upheld the principles of service and duty throughout their lives.

Addressing Unmet Needs

Unlike programs primarily targeting veterans with substance abuse or mental health challenges, Liberty Manor focuses on those who face hardships due to unemployment or disability, yet lack adequate support systems.

Beyond Shelter: Comprehensive Support

Liberty Manor goes beyond providing housing; it offers essential services such as transportation, clothing, and food, aiming to support veterans until they secure disability pensions or gainful employment.

Restoring Dignity and Respect

The mission of Liberty Manor extends beyond material provisions; it seeks to restore dignity and respect to veterans who have selflessly served their country.

Pioneering Focus

Liberty Manor is the first in the nation to address the specific needs of homeless and disabled veterans who have not struggled with substance abuse, filling a critical gap in existing support systems.

Making an Impact

Through this unique focus, Liberty Manor is making a significant impact on homeless veterans, recognizing and addressing the needs of an often-overlooked population.

Resource Constraints

Despite its noble mission, Liberty Manor faces significant challenges, including the constant struggle to secure enough resources to sustain its efforts.

Financial Incentives

Unlike some ventures, there are no financial incentives for aiding homeless veterans, making resource mobilization an ongoing challenge.

Advice from Connie Henderson Lindsay

For women entrepreneurs, Connie Henderson Lindsay emphasizes the importance of perseverance in the face of adversity, recognizing resilience as key to making a meaningful difference.


Connie Henderson Lindsay and Liberty Manor for Veterans, Inc. embody the spirit of compassion and determination. Through their tireless efforts, they provide not only shelter but also hope and dignity to veterans in need, inspiring communities to unite in support of those who have sacrificed for our freedom.


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