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Dr. Anneli Driessen: Illuminating Minds Through the International Metaphysical Academy

A Beacon of Wisdom: Over Three Decades of Leadership in Personal and

Spiritual Development

Dr. Anneli Driessen, a luminary in personal and spiritual development, has left

an indelible mark on the global stage. With a rich background as a clinical

therapist, business consultant, mentor, and Master Certified Coach (MCC), she

has impacted CEOs and executives across continents.

Metaphysical Mastery: A Journey of Three Decades Unveiled

Driessen's journey is a testament to over 35 years of dedication to metaphysical

scholarship. An ordained Metaphysical Minister since 2007, she has not only

shared her knowledge at the University of Victoria but also established the

International Metaphysical Academy in 2009.

A Pinnacle of Wisdom: The International Metaphysical Academy's

Distinctive Edge

Dr. Driessen's academy stands as a unique platform where scientists, mystics,

philosophers, and spiritual leaders converge to disseminate metaphysical

knowledge. The comprehensive educational program, evolving over 29 years,

offers a distinctive "Practical Philosophy." With a five-year commitment from

students, the curriculum transforms lives, impacting personal and spiritual

intelligence, contentment, confidence, truth discernment, and consciousness


Beyond Academia: Dr. Driessen's Impactful Publications

Her publication, "Spiritually-based Leadership – Seven Keys to Your

Spectacular Life," guides personal and career growth through divine principles.

Dr. Driessen's contributions extend to bestselling books, including "The Gift

from the Universe through Women that Lead"; and her current endeavor, co-

authoring "The School of Hard Knocks – Handbook for Success - Written by

Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs."

Navigating Challenges: Discerning Spiritual Wisdom Amidst Hype

A perpetual challenge for Dr. Driessen is helping people discern between

spiritual hype and genuinely valuable teachings. Emphasizing the importance of

investing in one's soul and spirit, she champions the cause of authentic

metaphysical education.

Words of Wisdom: A Guiding Light for Women Entrepreneurs

Dr. Driessen's advice for women entrepreneurs is a beacon of wisdom. She

encourages them to have a clear vision and mission, persevere, seek education

and mentoring, ensure their products enhance the world, and maintain faith in

themselves and God.

Join us in unraveling the extraordinary journey of Dr. Anneli Driessen, where

metaphysical wisdom meets modern education, transforming lives and shaping

a path toward global unity, knowledge, forgiveness, humility, and honor. It's not

just an academy; it's a haven of enlightenment crafted by a visionary leader.

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