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Dr. Jo Varshney: Discovering Innovation in Healthcare

In the bustling heart of San Francisco, where innovation thrives, stands a remarkable

entrepreneur: Dr. Jo Varshney. Her odyssey, remarkable for its persistence, creativity,

and novel results, has qualified her to win the 2024 Great Companies International

Women Entrepreneur Award.

The Stevie Award and Beyond

Dr. Jo Varshney, Founder and CEO of VeriSIM Life, was decorated with the Gold Stevie

Award in the healthcare category at the 20th annual Stevie Awards for Women in


Along with six other finalists in the “Most Innovative Woman of the Year – Healthcare”

category, Jo joined a panel of leaders in the health tech industry that included Jill

Goodwin (Axis Research & Technologies), Kim Gentile (Biohaven), Tina Larson

(Recursion), Geeta Wilson (Elevance Health), Masami Toda (SUN HOPE), and Dr. Lisa


A Journey of Discovery From India to the United States

Jo Varshney, originally from India, came to the United States in 2010 to study

comparative oncology, genomics, and bioinformatics. Her research unveiled the

difficulties in transferring the drug candidates from the lab to the clinical trials thereby

igniting her entrepreneurial passion.

VeriSIM Life: Revolutionizing Drug Development

From an idea to VeriSIM Life, an AI-driven and the decision de-risker for R&D in drug

development, Jo’s vision was born. VeriSIM Life’s technology —a drug development

“credit score” powered by AI and ML— relies on advanced analytics to eliminate errors,

streamline clinical trials, and shorten time to market for new therapeutics. Under Jo’s

leadership, VeriSIM secured a $15M Series A round of financing in 2022, which has

fueled its growth and global recognition.

Some Success Stories from VeriSIM Life

VeriSIM Life has shown great progress in this area of computational biotechnology.

Some of the leading success stories are as follows:

1. Metabolite-Driven Mechanism of Action

VeriSIM Life supported a client in identifying the effectiveness of their compound

in developing a new cancer therapy. By utilizing the BIOiSIM platform, they

uncovered metabolite-based mechanisms of action, ranked the most potent/safe

metabolites, and spearheaded precision drug development.

2. Predicting Optimal Compound Combinations

A mid-sized biotech company saved $2 million by predicting the right compound

combinations and dosing. The AI and ML algorithms aided in the identification of

screening biochemical descriptors, highlighting the significance of including AI in

drug development.

3. Translational Index for Clarivate

In collaboration with VeriSIM Life, Clarivate AI was used to increase pre-clinical

success rates. Their Translational Index helps researchers to obtain information

that enables them to create novel treatments and deliver them more quickly to


4. Recognition and Awards

VeriSIM Life was awarded “Predictive Analytics Solution of the Year” for their

innovative drug development engine which is a first in its class, BIOiSIM.

BIOiSIM integrates AI, machine learning, and mechanistic modeling to provide

early and precise investigations on compound safety and efficacy.

Empowering Others: Lessons from Jo Varshney

Jo’s application of AI and ML techniques to strengthen the drug development process

shows how we can adopt the latest technology. Her path from India to the U. S. is the

demonstration of the power of determination and bravery in the process of conquering

obstacles. Jo’s determination to fill the gap in healthcare drives us to make an impact

and save lives with responsibility.


Jo Varshney’s legacy inspires us to believe in the power of entrepreneurship to catapult

lives and build a healthier and brighter world for everyone. VeriSIM Life’s tech enables

informed drug development choices, thus influencing the industry towards a better


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