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Dr. Sharon Jones and the dot. Consulting: Empowering Minds, Transforming Futures

Education Visionary: Meet Dr. Sharon Jones, a beacon of empowerment and creativity in Charlotte, USA, dedicated to transforming technology learning and computer science education through The dot. Consulting.

Legacy of Education: Founded in 2016, The dot. Consulting embodies Dr. Jones's lifelong commitment to education, inspired by her great-grandparents' dedication.

Transformational Consulting: The dot. Consulting offers cutting-edge solutions for technology learning and computer science education, benefiting educators, students, and organizations alike.

Comprehensive Services: From in-person instruction to blended learning strategies, dot. Consulting provides tailored solutions to enhance technological aptitude and efficiency for businesses.

Focus on K–12 Education: dot. Consulting stands out for its emphasis on integrating computer science concepts into K–12 education, preparing students for future careers in technology and STEM disciplines.

Pandemic Pivot: Amid the sudden closure of schools in 2020, Dr. Jones supported educators and students in transitioning to online instruction, earning recognition as an invaluable resource.

Innovative Solutions: Despite challenges, Dr. Jones remained resilient, organizing pop-up camps through her foundation to assist parents and continue supporting young learners.

Embrace Your Goal: Dr. Jones encourages aspiring female entrepreneurs to embrace their goals and face obstacles head-on.

Follow Your Passion: Belief in oneself is key to empowerment, and Dr. Jones's journey exemplifies the limitless potential for women in entrepreneurship.


Legacy of Impact: Dr. Sharon Jones's unwavering commitment to education and technology will leave a lasting influence, shaping ideas and inspiring future generations as she leads dot. Consulting into the future.

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