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Elizabeth Hall wins the 2024 Great Companies International Women Entrepreneur Award.

The Founder of Eeze Natural Health Elizabeth Hall is announced as the winner of

International Women entrepreneur 2024. Elizabeth started in the year 2023 and the story to

launch Travel eeze as a product was that Elizabeth herself was suffering from

constipation(dyschezia). Because of this health issue she couldn't enjoy the food and

became hyperware about the effects of what she ate. She used colonics as a temporary fix,

diet changes and different products but nothing worked to heal this on a permanent basis.

This issue caused her a lot of trouble while on trips she forced herself to be in the room. She

was tired and adamantly started to search for a permanent solution which gave birth to Travel


Travel eeze is the core product introduced by EEZE NATURAL HEALTH a health

supplements company. The product travel eeze is designed to provide natural relief from

travel constipation. Made with care and expertise, Travel eeze is refreshing raspberry powder

filled with essential minerals and vitamins to support a healthy gut and promote regularity. It

is packed in individual packs with the correct amount of powder for on the go use. The

product is pocket friendly and provides the best solution for a common yet overlooked health

concern-Travel constipation. The product resonated with most customers looking for a

natural option to deal with the problem.

Travel eeze is enriched with Flaxseed that aids in digestion, Vitamin C supports overall

health, Magnesium helps in relaxing the digestive tract, Cascara acts as natural laxative.The

product is highly recommended by doctors. “Travel-eeze is a clever and tasty formulation of tried and true nutrients for relief on the go.With great success I recommend this gentle supplement to patients when travelling or away from their regular routine, but aiming to stay regular.” DR. BRIAN MYERS, ND NATUROPATHIC DOCTOR Shared

It was not easy for Elizabeth to run a business of her own as it brings a big responsibility and

countless challenges especially for the women Entrepreneur along the way. Gathering

resources meeting Financial demands and persuading the customers is arduous. But Elizabeth was determined to find a solution and share it with a large number of people who face this common yet concerning issue. She as an entrepreneur has witnessed a lot of setbacks and failures but she believes that to deal with obstacles one needs to be courageous and be self confident which will eventually lead you to success.

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