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Empowering Through Inclusion: Hemphill's Enduring Impact

Christine Hemphill, through her groundbreaking work at Open Inclusion, empowers individuals of all abilities and ages, fostering a more inclusive and equitable society.

Christine Hemphill, the visionary founder of Open Inclusion, embarked on a transformative journey to champion the cause of inclusivity. Her unwavering commitment to integrating the needs of the disabled and the elderly into research and innovation has carved a path for a more just and accommodating world. Open Inclusion stands as a testament to her dedication, a UK-based consultancy with a global reach that strives to enhance customer experiences by embracing the diversity of human needs.

The Core of Work: Equality in Practice

Hemphill's philosophy revolves around perfection in equality. At Open Inclusion, every individual, irrespective of age or ability, is given respect and consideration. This approach not only ensures quality but also popularity during the production of goods and services. The strategy applied permits both creation and acceptance of the cultured mindset which further leads to the realization that difference is of value, and is hence, the powerhouse of the industry where difference is never just simply recognized but is looked on as its own ideology.

Individual Stories

Christine Hemphill’s journey to founding Open Inclusion was fueled by a personal dedication to inclusivity. Her background, rich with empathy and understanding, propelled her to address the overlooked needs of disabled and elderly communities. In 2015, when Open Inclusion began, the commercial landscape was barren for disability and age-inclusive research. The only semblance of competition came from academic and non-profit sectors, neither of which operated with profit in mind.

Hemphill faced the daunting task of not just establishing but also growing a business in an uncharted market. The challenge was twofold: to create demand for inclusive research and to ensure financial viability. Unlike universities or NGOs, Open Inclusion couldn’t afford to sustain losses. Each project had to be both economically efficient and exceed client expectations.

The strategy was to cultivate a new market from the ground up. This required raising awareness about the limitations of existing research paradigms that systematically excluded disabled individuals. Hemphill and her team became thought leaders, generously sharing their insights at conferences and events, slowly building recognition for the value of inclusive research.


Christine Hemphill’s work was a launchpad for transforming our society to care and value all members of our community. Disability and age-inclusive practices did not become just a preference but a culture happy to be inclusive. Through the leadership role she plays in the Open Inclusion organization, Erica pinpoints the critical aspect of diversity: bringing in various perspectives to the communities and businesses. This has not only led to a higher sense of being alert but also triggered the desire to make policies that are more inclusive.

The ripple effect of her initiatives is manifested in the organizational strategies of other institutions which now are calibrating their strategies to give diversity a much more important role, in which the role of diversity in innovation and driving positive social change is recognized. Hemphill’s activism demonstrates that non-exclusivity is not simply a fashionable trend but a significant aspect of the thinking of a progressive society. She reminds us that if we all inclusive in the design process then we bring more beauty to the world.


Christine Hemphill has brought change to the lives of people with disabilities and elderly citizens by co-founding Open Inclusion. She has shifted regular business practices and societal norms. Her work has ripples of impact throughout the adoption of diversity strategies across all organizations. The International Women Entrepreneur Award 2024 Great Companies honors her global brand image and its detriment. This award features her leadership that is dynamic and exemplary at the same time and inspires others. Hemphill's path encourages women entrepreneurs to fight for diversity and inclusivity, proving that businesspersons who dedicate their services to the public good create change that has a positive impact at national levels. Her road leads young entrepreneurs to follow their predecessors' foothold, making their communities better and beyond.

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