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How Scarcity Mindset Is Blocking Abundance In Your Business

Scarcity vs abundance in your business and life for that matter is a real thing.

The definition of abundance is “a very a large quantity of something.”

The definition of scarcity is “the state of being scarce or in short supply; shortage.”

Abundance and scarcity are two states that you get to choose to believe at any moment in time. What usually happens is that we allow for external circumstances to decide for us.

Scarcity is choosing to believe that when someone else offers the same services you do, you think that because they’re already doing it, there simply isn’t enough to go around (enough clients, etc.). It is choosing to believe that when one person lands a client, there are somehow not enough clients left for you.

Abundance is choosing to believe that there is always more. That when one person experiences success that you can too. That their success is a physical demonstration of what is possible and you leverage it as inspiration for yourself.

Both scarcity and abundance is a state of mind.

Your state of mind can be completely separate from your current circumstances.

That is why when you set goals, write your dreams, you don’t do it from your current circumstances because if you did, you’d never achieve them because your focus would always be on what is currently happening.

If we know that our thoughts create your emotions, that inspires an action that produces a result then we can simply re-engineer our brain to focus on the abundance out there.

When you focus on abundances and abundant opportunities it will feel light, you’ll be inspired, your emotions will tend to be excited, happy, and expansive.

When you focus on lack or scarcity, it will feel tight, constrictive, heavy, sad, frustrated, or defeated.

For example, let’s say that your current circumstance is that you’re in debt, you believe you never seem to have enough time, and you’re confused as to where to start to take action on your business idea and think that everyone else has it figured out.

If you chose to operate (make decisions) from your current circumstances, and continue to focus on your current circumstances you will continue to manifest your current state over and over again.

How do you break this pattern?

You must shift your focus.

Instead of focusing on your current circumstances, you must shift your focus on what you want your circumstances to be.

If you want to get out of debt you won’t be able to do it by focusing on the debt. Debt is a whole other topic in the sense that we could talk about: what debt is and what you make of it. But for this example, let’s say you want to get out of debt. Focusing on the debt will only magnetize it because where your focus goes, energy flows and results will show. Instead of focusing on the “lack of money” shift it to focus on the abundance of money that is already there.

Instead of focusing on how much time you “don’t have” start bringing into awareness the time that you do have. Start acknowledging the time that you have. Be grateful for it.

Instead of focusing on the fact that you have “only 2 clients,” celebrate that you have two clients.

Instead of focusing on the fact that you may only have 50 email subscribers, celebrate the fact that you have 50 humans who signed up for your email list and want to read what you have to say!

Instead of focusing on that you “only have 150 followers on Instagram” but want more, focus on the 150 that are already there and showing up.

Tony Robbins says:


I love this because it highlights that often we are “waiting” to do something until there is more. More followers, email subscribers, money, and more time before we do something. But there is magic in making the decision right now to show up regardless of what already is because it is the showing up now that manifests and brings your future to your present moment.

A big part of getting into the state of abundance is focusing on what you already have and being grateful for it.

When you practice this know that it takes time to gain traction. If you do it for one day and by day two say, “I don’t feel different, this isn’t working,” it is because you’re not allowing enough time for things to fully shift and for traction.

It is just like building a business. It takes time. You can’t get discouraged if you send an email to your network and no one responds. It doesn’t mean you should quit or give up. It is simply part of the process, you simply have to market your services even MORE.

Every action compounds, including the action to shift your focus on gratitude and abundance. Commit to 21 days of shifting your focus. Become aware of where abundance and lack are in your life. And in those moments of lack and scarcity, shift your focus to be abundance be grateful for what is.

While it may seem like such a small action, it is usually the tiny actions over time that create massive results.


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