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Iyurved: Nourishing the Future with Ayurvedic Wisdom

Iyurved, founded in 2020 by Vandita Tewari Kapoor, is a groundbreaking venture nestled in the heart of Bangalore (officially known as Bengaluru). This innovative company redefines health and wellness for the younger generation by blending Ayurvedic tradition with modern nutritional science. Iyurved offers a unique range of functional foods meticulously crafted to meet the special nutritional needs of children and young adults. Through this pioneering approach, Iyurved not only stands as a beacon in the health food sector but also demonstrates a profound commitment to nurturing healthier futures.


A Blend of Tradition and Science

Iyurved is passionate about blending the time-tested principles of Ayurveda with the power of modern nutritional science. This unique approach results in specialized food formulas targeting various health concerns. From supporting brain development and addressing sleep issues to easing common problems like constipation and allergies, Iyurved offers a spectrum of solutions. Their dedicated research and development team meticulously creates each product, ensuring effectiveness and safety. With this innovative approach, Iyurved is transforming children's and young adults' nutritional landscape globally.


Innovation as a Cornerstone

Iyurved stands out for its unwavering commitment to innovation. As a global pioneer, they have revolutionized how we perceive and utilize Ayurvedic herbs and real foods. By crafting precise ingredient blends in readily absorbable formats, Iyurved caters to specific needs while meeting modern demands for convenience and efficacy. This dedication to innovation has not only earned them positive customer experiences but also cemented Iyurved's position as a frontrunner in the nutraceutical industry.


Impacting Lives, One Child at a Time

Iyurved's success goes beyond sales figures. It's measured in the lives it improves. Over 300,000 children and teens have benefited from their products, experiencing positive changes in health. Testimonials from grateful parents tell stories of improved focus, memory, weight management, and gut health. These transformations highlight Iyurved's profound impact.

This impact is mirrored in the company's impressive growth - a 100% increase in sales year-over-year and high repeat purchase rates. These metrics speak volumes about customer trust and satisfaction.


Overcoming Challenges with Resilience and Innovation

Like any startup, Iyurved faced difficulties. From navigating the pandemic to resolving early packaging issues, the company encountered hurdles. However, under Vandita's leadership, they displayed remarkable resilience. Challenges became opportunities for improvement. By seeking expert advice, prioritizing quality, and maintaining close customer connections, Iyurved emerged stronger from each obstacle.


A Message of Empowerment and Hope

Vandita Tewari Kapoor's journey with Iyurved inspires women entrepreneurs globally. Her message - "just start and get going" - embodies an action-oriented and resilient spirit. Her story showcases the power of innovation, unwavering belief, and a supportive network. Vandita offers invaluable lessons for anyone aiming to make a positive impact.

Iyurved's remarkable journey, from a pioneering idea to a leading health and wellness brand, exemplifies the power of merging traditional wisdom with modern science. As Iyurved continues to innovate and grow, its mission of nourishing the future remains unwavering - promising a healthier, happier generation nurtured by the best that nature and science offer.

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