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Julia Kessler’s Story of Building a Better Beverage Business

In the effervescent world of soft drinks, Julia Kessler founded Nix & Kix, founded in 2014 with a mission on bringing healthier and refreshingly different, better tasting soft drinks. She discovered the unique flavor of cayenne and called it Zing

She explains her unsatisfaction toward the mixed unnatural substitutes in the drinks.

“I was getting more and more frustrated by the choice of healthier Soft Drinks when going out. Most options were either high in sugar or artificial sweeteners and didn't taste great.” 

She first experimented by blending some great ingredients in her kitchen, which led to the discovery of Zing, their signature touch that differentiates their products. 

Julia also has a challenging journey before founding Nix & Kix. She had her upbringing in East Germany, she left school at 16 without completing the degree. At the age of 20, she moved to the UK, where she completed her bachelor's in business studies and master's in project management while working full-time. Later perseverance and resilience have become her nature.

In 2014 when the brand was established with the brand mantra “Bring the Zing” that aims to provide healthy, guilt-free and refreshing soft drinks, free of artificial ingredients. 

Their drinks are vegan, having no calories, no added sugar and sweeteners. They select cayenne and botanicals in their drink for their taste and health benefits. The ingredients contain capsaicin which boosts metabolism and increases endorphins in the body. The brand is also dedicated to the environment, they use aluminum BPA free cans, that are without plastic lining inside. 

 Nix & Kix is committed to equal pay for equivalent roles across genders. The company has a diverse and inclusive team. It is female-founded, 71% of the teams are female. 33% of the team have a disability.

Kessler is dedicated to women empowerment. The company is a member of the Buy Women Bult Community. She led the team that created “Voluntero,” a program that matches skilled women with non-profit organizations, as part of the Intuit We Care and Give Back Grand Challenge. She gives advice to the women entrepreneurs.

 “Focus on your strengths, trust your instincts, and surround yourself with people who support and believe in you.”


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