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Kajal Mullapudi: Crafting Leadership with Purpose and Resourcefulness

The changing landscape of entrepreneurship has brought into focus the success story

of Kajal Mullapudi who is an inspiration for all. Her legendary transition from a corporate

employee to an acclaimed entrepreneur has been a permanent impression on the

business world.

Background and Achievements

Kajal Mullapudi, the Founder and Director of LatentKrafts, has refined her skills over

almost 2 decades of experience in sales, L&D, OD, and HR. Through 15+ cities in 3

nations, she has contributed to lives of over 10,000 people. The corporate career of

Kajal started with firms like Mphasis, AXA BS, Tech Mahindra Business Services

(earlier known as Hutchison 3GS) and Amdocs.

LatentKrafts: A System of Craftsmanship

From business website designing to online marketing, Kajal has created a complete set

of services that will aid in business development at LatentKrafts. She collaborates with

entities to overcome the pain points and grass root demands. Her mission? To

encourage people to become extraordinary leaders with excellent accomplishments. By

showing passion, purpose, and determination, Kajal's method is woven together.

LatentKrafts' growth trajectory

The LatentKrafts, created by Kajal Mullapudi, has seen a notable growth curve all over

the years.

a. Holistic Services

LatentKrafts functions to awaken, guide, and enable people to lead as well as the

organizations to which they belong. Their extensive training and education

services cover a wide spectrum of demand areas which include: personal

development to organizational perfection.

b. Unleashing Hidden Potential

Vision of Kajal is about opening up the skill latent in each individual. Through this

approach, she not only assists them to advance in their careers and personal life,

but also inspires them to discover the hidden potential in themselves.

c. Customized Solutions

LatentKrafts doesn’t manufacture the same product for everybody. In a contrary

manner, they develop individualized training programs, which meet the specific

requirements of both the individuals and the organizations. The solutions are

easy, actionable and measurable.

d. Themes and Workshops

LatentKrafts provides workshops with enriching themes:

● Appreciative Inquiry: The purpose of this idea is to concentrate on

strengths, successes, and potentials. As a result, it lets us find the best

version of ourselves.

● Self-Exploration: Leading others to get insight of their aspirations and

reflect through self-evaluation.

● Customized Solutions: Creating tailored training programs according to

each employee's needs.

e. Accelerated Learning Principles

Through workshops LatentKrafts implements a method of accelerated learning.

This is because it promotes a good learning atmosphere whereby the experience

is fun and rewarding.

f. Industries Served

LatentKrafts has made an impact across various industries, including:

● Banking

● ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services)

● IT (Information Technology)

● Manufacturing/Automotive

● Retail/Sales

g. Roadmap to Success

Kajal’s mission is to become a worldwide partner of choice for companies. As the

organization enables, empowers, and engages individuals and organizations,

their growth and success will be incremental.

Unique Selling Points

What sets Kajal apart? Her designation as a Directive Communication International

facilitator (recognized by the American Institute of Business Psychology) emphasizes

her dedication to communication skills and leadership training. Language and emotional

intelligence are critical elements in her business transformation philosophy.

Testimonials and Impact

Kajal’s impact can be felt in the reviews written by attendees of her workshops and

masterclasses. Be it emotional intelligence, leadership, or communication, Kajal's views

have been echoed with plenty. In 2017, she was awarded by CHRO Asia as one of the

Top 100 Most Talented Training and Development Leaders of India.

Actionable Insights

Kajal’s journey offers practical lessons:

1. Embrace Emotional Intelligence: Get and manage emotions for purposeful


2. Craft Your Communication: Words count; choose them wisely.

3. Persist with Purpose: The combo of passion and persistence is the catalyst to



Kajal Mullapudi’s story isn’t about entrepreneurship only; it is about the crafting of

leadership driven by heart. Her journey of empowering individuals and organizations is

not only inspiring but also motivates others to lead purposefully.

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