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Leading Diversity in Digital Media with BLOOM BY HER

Encouraging Artists, Transforming Views

One agency, BLOOM BY HER, is creating waves in the busy world of digital

media where creativity meets brand storytelling. This female-based and -run

talent agency was created in Sydney, Australia in 2021, with the goal of

redefining the digital media landscape with an emphasis on authenticity and


BLOOM BY HER is a talent agency that supports creators of various colours,

backgrounds, and experiences. We are a female-founded and female-run

company committed to redefining the digital media environment with varied

faces. One cooperation at a time, we believe in linking businesses with digital

producers to create beautiful and real content.

A Forward-thinking Strategy for Digital Media

BLOOM BY HER is distinguished in the cutthroat world of marketing and advertising by its unwavering dedication to diversity. The agency, which Vanessa Li founded, is committed to empowering artists of all hues, backgrounds, and experiences. Rewriting the story in the digital media landscape one cooperative effort at a time is BLOOM's main goal. Through BLOOM's network of different digital producers, brands can engage with attractive, original content that reflects the richness of global experiences.

BLOOM prioritizes diversity and takes a creator-first approach. Based on her own experiences, Vanessa sensed and noted a significant lack of ethnic diversity in the social media industry. Vanessa launched BLOOM intending to provide a space and platform for content creators who look like her. Their objective was clear from the beginning: to rebuild the social media world with varied faces. BLOOM is now a hub for businesses looking to collaborate with a varied global portfolio of influencers and UGC creators.

Creator-Prime Theory

Vanessa, an Asian female founder, encountered hurdles in starting and presenting her company in an industry that did not have room for people like her. Vanessa created BLOOM in her third year of law school, while also doing two other jobs; as a young person, her age was sometimes viewed as a weakness and a sign of inexperience even before she had the opportunity to speak. No matter what point of the business journey one is in, limiting beliefs and 'what ifs' are the one main thing stopping entrepreneurs from building the business and life they dream of.

BLOOM is unique because of its creator-first mentality. Based on her personal experiences, Vanessa Li found that there is a glaring lack of cultural diversity in the social media sector. This insight served as the impetus for the founding of BLOOM. The agency is a movement to challenge conventions and redefine standards, not just a venue for content makers. Embracing the power of true representation, brands come to BLOOM to work with a varied global portfolio of influencers and creators of user-generated content.

Creating a World Community

Beyond only providing services, BLOOM's basic principles are about creating a global community that appreciates authenticity and variety. BLOOM is in the vanguard of campaigns that engage with cultural significance and impact, thanks to its expanding array of creators that add enchantment to every project. By working together with artists and international businesses, BLOOM is not only changing the story, but also leaving a creative and inclusive legacy. 

Revolutionizing Views, Individual Cooperation at a Time

BLOOM BY HER is a movement that questions the status quo rather than just a talent agency. In an overly content-rich world, BLOOM is a shining example of empowerment, diversity, and genuineness. It is impossible not to look forward to the beneficial effects they will have on the digital media scene as they grow and develop more. BLOOM BY HER: Redefining Digital Narratives Through the Fusion of Creativity and Diversity.


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