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Light Digital - Defining digital disruption!

“Entrepreneurship isn’t just a label - it is a lifestyle” Richard Branson

There are currently 9.73 million active internet users in the UAE (98.98%) whereas the average daily time spent using the internet on mobile devices is 3h 55m. This shows that the digital space is integral for every business and thus cannot be ignored. A business without a digital presence is bound to get lost in today’s environment.

“Whether you have a start-up idea or an existing business we work our magic for you. From websites to social media management, ads, campaigns, etc., we give your brand the voice and image that makes it shine. You show up often and you show up with information that is useful and easily accessible, you can reach more people and do more business!”

Founder of Light Digital UAE, Varuna Mehta, a marketing professional with intensive experience in corporate and digital marketing, branding, graphics, and communication. A boutique digital marketing agency in UAE, Light Digital offers specialized services that spread across digital marketing, content curation, social media, branding, and product styling. The company aims to transform the digital personality of brands. Light Digital uses expertise to formulate the right blend of technology, creativity, and design thinking for digital marketing and branding solutions. Light Digital teams up with each individual to co-create online communication that engages the customers and rewards their brands.

“I knew when I was starting my own business that it wasn’t going to be easy. Something in me constantly drove me to believe that I could do it on my own!” Varuna Mehta

In the early days of Light Digital, she as a solopreneur found it difficult to sell the idea of “going digital” to everyone she met. People either thought that they could do it themself or were too doubtful of investing in it. Today, Light Digital has grown considerably.

Turning Point for Light Digital

In 2020, when COVID happened, the market took a U-turn. But, at the same time, something unbelievable happened which made 2020 a game-changer and blessing in disguise for her - ‘Digital’ became the solution for everything. ‘Businesses wanting to invest and go digital became a thing!’ This out of the blue change benefited her immensely. The business grew - clients, accounts, brand size, and even staff. “Where other businesses were trying to rationalize their workforce, I was hiring talent! We also landed fruitful collaborations, opening us up to even more opportunities. By the end of the year, I didn’t need to ‘sell digital’ anymore.” Varuna Mehta

“Customers want positive, consistent experiences.

Consistency creates confidence, which can lead to retention and loyalty.” ShepHyken

Marketing Strategy and Branding in Light Digital

Light Digital drafts elaborate, actionable, and measurable strategy for one's business based on an individual’s business objectives.

A stimulating, innovative brand voice is carved out in one’s niche business area, making a difference between them and their competitors. As a digital marketing consultant, it is ensured that the brand is designed and promoted in an accurate way promoting sales of the brand.

Analytics and Evaluation

Data analytics is used to guide the development of and decisions related to the marketing strategy to ensure the most applicable segments of the market are targeted. The performance of the marketing activity is constantly assessed to evaluate the performance of the business.

Social Media Marketing

Social media makes it easy to reach a large number of people quickly, it moulds a brand image and widely regulates the company’s sales and revenue.

At Light Digital, they handpick what is hot and trending and use them to leverage an individual’s social media and viral-worthy content. It helps to portray the brand image and earn more followers. They create social media content and graphics to help reach the targeted audience, engage right and grow faster be Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Great ads mean more business, and so great ads are what Light Digital does. Based on the budgets people provide, Light Digital creates promotional campaigns focused on wide exposure and lead generation.

Product Styling

“Great photos make a great sale”

Light Digital intends to constantly re-invent and reinforce the digital identity of clients to help them get more clients. After successfully strengthening the online presence of a happy clientele, Light Digital now has another card up its sleeves. Creating and styling beautiful imagery for a product/brand/range, Light Digital is now offering product styling services as well. The ultimate goal is to convert a person from being a bystander to becoming a buyer.

“Content is fire, social media is gasoline” Jay Baer

To know more about Light Digital, visit .

Connect with the Founder, Varuna Mehta on LinkedIn


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