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Liz Bentley Associates: Pioneering Leadership Development with a Winning Edge

Liz Bentley Associates is a shining example of innovation in the dynamic field of leadership development and executive coaching, transforming individuals, teams, and organizations with a unique blend of knowledge and a commitment to quality. Liz Bentley founded this New York-based organization in 2012, and it has since become a trendsetter in the field, offering a variety of services beyond standard coaching, such as seminars, facilitations, surveys, and speaking engagements.

Marrying Human Behavior, Business Acumen, and Sports Performance

Liz Bentley's coaching methodology differentiates itself on three key pillars: an in-depth understanding of human behavior, a profound grasp of business dynamics, and the infusion of a sports performance model. With a rich academic background in psychology, including studies at Harvard, Liz brings over 20,000 hours of coaching experience to the table. Her deep insights into personality patterns, subconscious programming, and the impact of early experiences on success set her coaching apart in the competitive landscape.

Moreover, Liz leverages her extensive corporate experience to provide valuable business acumen. Having navigated the intricacies of corporate America, she brings a nuanced understanding of departmental interactions and political dynamics, enriching her coaching with a practical and strategic edge.

A unique facet of Liz's coaching approach is the integration of a sports performance model. Drawing from her own experience as a 2-sport D1 athlete, Liz incorporates principles of teamwork, competition, practice, and skill development into her coaching programs. This holistic approach not only fosters individual growth but also instills a winning mindset essential for thriving in the business world.

Building Success one by one 

Like any entrepreneurial venture, Liz Bentley Associates faced its share of challenges. For Liz, the transition from a stay-at-home mom to a business owner in a relatively unknown industry was a significant hurdle. However, her tenacity and resilience propelled her forward. Building her client base one by one, Liz overcame setbacks and celebrated victories, crediting her success to the support of her professional and personal network.

The Three-Phase Model: Learn, Build, Achieve

At the core of Liz Bentley Associates' success is a three-phase model: Learn, Build, Achieve. The company first delves into understanding clients' strengths and weaknesses, then crafts a roadmap for growth and success. Finally, the emphasis on agility and adaptability ensures sustained success, with constant evaluation and improvement strategies.

Tailored Solutions for Individuals, Teams, and Organizations

Liz Bentley Associates provides a diverse range of services catering to the specific needs of individuals, teams, and organizations. From executive coaching and CEO consulting to leadership seminars, team coaching, and company surveys, the company's offerings are designed to supercharge performance and foster a culture of continuous growth.

Shaping Futures through Personalized Leadership Development

In the competitive landscape of training and coaching, Liz Bentley Associates emerges as a leader, redefining success through a personalized and holistic approach. Liz Bentley's journey from athlete to entrepreneur, coupled with her deep understanding of human behavior and business dynamics, underscores the transformative impact of her coaching. As a pioneering force, Liz Bentley Associates is not merely coaching leaders; it's shaping futures, one individual, one team, and one organization at a time.


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