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Meenakshi Dubey: Leading Change and Empowerment

Meenakshi Dubey is a Co-founder of Yes!poho is a high-performing platform which

connects artisans, designers and customers. The passion for the empowerment of

artisans and traditional craftsmanship was at the heart of her motivation.

About Yes!poho

Yes!poho is the Techno Experience social platform that provides both guest-centric, and

affordable luxury products. Their vision is to create a memorable experience for the

customers by connecting them with designers and artisans directly.

Meenakshi Dubey’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Through Yes!poho, Meenakshi aims to create an environment where artisans can thrive

and showcase their artistic talents by preserving traditional crafts. She realized that

India’s artisans had so much talent and creativity.

Consequently, Yes!poho now employs about 10,000 artisans and manufactures over

160,000 handmade products. Through sustainable fashion and her inclination towards

the handloom industry, Meenakshi’s passion has been the foundation of Yes!poho’s


Unique Selling Points

Yes!poho links customers with artisans and creates transparency and fair-trade

practices in between. They source ethnic designer dresses from corners of India and

celebrate the regional craftsmanship. Yes!poho makes online shopping secure and

highly enjoyable for its customers.

Impact and Vision

influence is not only limited to trade. Through their patronage, they, in a way, contribute

to the socio-economic elevation and the preservation of skilled trades. Meenakshi has a

vision of the time ahead with Yes!poho being a brand that empowers artisans and

resets the way we experience and buy clothes.

Artisan Empowerment

Meenakshi became aware of the enormous potential dwelling within the artistic world of

India’s artisans. She set up a platform that provided a direct link between artisans and

customers on the one hand and ethical practices and decent income for the artisans on

the other.

Socio-Economic Impact

Yes!poho’s purpose is broader than trade. Through the use of 10000 artisans and

making up 160000 handwoven and handmade items they more the socio-economic

betterment. Meenakshi opines that not only artisans' crafts are preserved through their

support but also their well-being is improved.

Personalization and Safe Shopping

Yes!poho empowers customers to be involved in the design process by letting them

work directly with designers or craftsmen. They offer safe and fantastic online shopping

tailored to unique needs and preferences.


Siddheshwar (Pochampalli Weaver) said, "Ever since I joined Yes!poho, my sales have

increased, and I am happy to be associated with Yes!poho. It’s been a great platform for

traditional weavers like me.".

Shri Gopal Chippa (Cotton Saree Weaver, Rajasthan) said, "Yes!poho helped me set up a shop for manufacturing Jute bags. We make about 200 bags a week and sell them on

Yes!poho and outside. We are happy to be part of Yes!poho as it allows us to make a


Uma Devi (Manufacturer of Jute Bags) said,"The service from Yes!poho is very good,

and we are looking to make more sales through Yes!poho. It’s a reliable platform for


Mani Kumar (Pen Kalamkari Weaver) said,"We make hand-painted Kalamkari on

Tussar silk and Cotton sarees. It takes a lot of hard work, but I recently joined Yes!poho

to showcase my sarees to the world.".


Meenakshi’s vision for Yes!poho is focused on empowering artisans, appreciating

India’s rich culture, and ensuring exceptional experiences for the customers. Yes!poho

carefully selects items handwoven and handmade by local artisans from throughout

India. They offer ethnic wear, sarees, and other one-off creations.

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