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Meet Jessica Viola, Visionary Behind Viola Gardens Design Inc.

Viola Gardens Design Inc., nestled in Los Angeles, CA, USA, has been a trailblazer in landscape design and build. Founder Jessica Viola leads this women-owned firm with a passion for regenerative design and sustainability.

Transformative Landscapes for Over a Decade

Viola Gardens, since 2007, has been redefining outdoor spaces in Los Angeles County. Specializing in drought-tolerant, ecologically sustainable landscapes, Jessica and her team infuse over two decades of expertise into their creations. With a focus on regenerative design, they stand out in the industry.

Distinctive Approach: Women-Owned and Licensed

Viola Gardens stands as a boutique landscape design and build firm, uniquely women-owned and led by Jessica Viola, a licensed contractor. In a male-dominated field, their artisanal construction approach and feminine attention to detail set them apart. Their commitment to regenerative ecological design, coupled with an in-house architectural team, adds an innovative layer to their projects.

Overcoming Obstacles Turned Stepping Stones

Built from the ground up without financial backing, Viola Gardens mirrors the landscapes they craft—mindfully and steadily. Overcoming gender stigmas in construction, Jessica obtained her contracting license, marking a milestone. The journey involves cultivating ecological stewardship, fostering client relationships, and creating meaningful, earth-conscious designs.

Jessica Viola shares wisdom for aspiring women entrepreneurs: embrace systems thinking, foster growth-supporting relationships, and embody leadership, balance, and creativity. She encourages cultivating a culture reflecting shared values for sustained success.

Viola Gardens' Eco-Centric Vision

Viola Gardens recently expanded to Malibu, housing their botanical design studio and 'The Art and Ecology Studio.' This collaborative space promotes personal growth and community resilience, intertwining ecology and art. Their commitment to environmental stewardship reflects in every project, creating spaces that unfold beauty over time.

Jessica Viola's Unique Approach to Sustainable Landscape Design"

Approaching each project as a distinct manifestation of clients' dreams intertwined with the garden, architecture, and land needs, Jessica initiated her career in 1999, focusing on landscape construction and habitat restoration in the San Francisco Bay Area. Accredited in Earth Architecture from Cal-Earth Institute and certified in Permaculture and Environmental Design from Earthflow and the Permaculture Institute in New Mexico, Jessica has shared her expertise by teaching permaculture at Santa Monica College and Pepperdine University and hosting workshops across Southern California. Over the years, she has developed a diverse portfolio, encompassing regenerative hardscape solutions, creative drought-tolerant plant palettes, erosion control techniques, artistic botanical creations, edible garden designs, and extensive knowledge in organic garden care. Viola Gardens employs a comprehensive range of hardscaping and softscaping techniques, emphasizing artistic plant placement and ecological considerations, utilizing recycled resources, and promoting eco-friendly irrigation and lighting solutions to minimize project carbon footprints.

Comprehensive Services: Dream. Design. Create. Artscape.

Viola Gardens offers full-service landscape solutions, from conceptualization and design to hardscape, lighting, irrigation, fine gardening, and artistic container planting. Their approach integrates environmental design principles, ensuring spaces align with clients' lifestyles while being ecologically responsible.

Viola Gardens, Where Dreams Blossom

In the world of Viola Gardens, guided by Jessica Viola's vision, each project is a unique reflection of clients' dreams and the natural world. With a commitment to regenerative design and transformative landscapes, Viola Gardens continues to bloom as a symbol of nature's artistry.


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