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Melissa Powell’s Piece of Cake Migration

POCMI, Piece of Cake Migration, was established in 2016 is a job marketplace and end-to-end services resource on a SaaS platform, for companies that have difficulty hiring locally, to connect with individuals who want to move to another country, expats who want to move home, and high skilled people who have been displaced. It is shaping the category of effortless global labor migration.

They aim to normalize and elevate high-skilled migration to resolve global labor shortages, reduce the negative effects of brain drain, help refugee reintegration, and promote peace through innovation and diversity. The outcome is a whopping 60% cost-saving for companies on international hiring, ensuring they secure the right talent to drive revenue.

Pocmi links businesses from the hundreds of millions of aspirational global movers and the 33% of expatriates seeking to return home, to top-tier professionals in need of repositioning. These businesses have a vast diaspora of talent. The current cohort of candidates represents over 40 countries.

At Pocmi they start with the organization’s growth strategy and end with the new international hire. This experience will fully equip and empower the organization to embrace multicultural diversity and lead in innovation saving their 60% time and costs. Also, Melissa Powell has become a trusted individual in the migration space, so people who know about her use the platform to contact her for additional consultation services.

Over the past two decades, starting from moving to foreign countries twice, each time adapting to new cultures and environments, Melissa Powell has faced challenges that have tested her resilience and determination. After returning home, she ventured into starting multiple businesses, which caused her own set of difficulties. Some of these businesses failed, which led to losing almost $100,000 to developers who didn't deliver on their promises, people who stole her ideas, or partners who tried to take advantage of her ability to work in any capacity.

Her struggles such as heartbreak and mental health issues, are alongside these professional

setbacks. But these obstacles cannot stop her compelling vision. Her goals are clear. She gives herself recovery time to assess and move forward in mind. This purpose has pushed her forward, constantly reminding her of the importance of persevering, no matter the setbacks.

Melissa Powell's advice the young women entrepreneurs is to always keep focus on the reason behind their goal. If that changes, they must reassess their path and quickly correct it. She further asked to choose their battles keeping their end purpose in mind, as not all battles are meant to be fought by them. And lastly, she talks about womanhood, a superpower that people will try to dim, which should never be done.

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