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Name - Neelanjana Choudhury

Business Name - Metaskills Recruitment and Training Consulting

Location – Bengaluru, India

Establishment (Year) – 2015

Profession / Speciality – Recruitment


MetaSkills recruitment & training consulting aims to be a top-notch boutique firm in the Leadership & IT recruitment space.


We help companies solve their recruitment problems by finding high-quality talent to help them realize their objectives.

When it comes to building productive relationships, we always refer to a quote by Suzy Kassem: ‘Treat your relationship as if you are growing the most beautiful sacred flower. Keep watering it, tend to the roots, and always make sure the petals are full of color and are never curling. Once you neglect your plant, it will die, as will your relationship.’ By following this guidance when managing relationships with my clients, we have been able to not only improve client satisfaction but also increase revenue.

Our approach to recruitment is rigorous yet simple and focuses on resolving “real-world” problems in this space. We believe in delivering the carefully vetted candidates so that the rejection rate is minimal and productivity is enhanced.

Meta Skills Consulting is the brainchild of Neelanjana Choudhury, an internationally certified Soft Skills training & recruitment professional with rich corporate experience in the HR and IT sectors.


Its approach to recruitment is rigorous yet simple and focuses on resolving “real-world” problems in this space. They believe in delivering carefully vetted candidates so that the rejection rate is minimal and productivity is enhanced. Quality is our prime motto and the candidate selection rate is 99% for both service and product-based companies across all the positions.

We are also an all-woman team who have restarted their career after their long maternity breaks. Even after a long career gap, the team's passion for recruitment is unmatched.


The initial years were challenging for us as it was very tough to get some clients. Generally, candidates take interest in reputed or trusted brands. However, we started onboarding small start-ups and we got to learn a lot about the market and understand the dynamics and gained a lot of confidence during the entire process.

With perseverance and with excellent client service, Metaskills is now a recruitment partner with big brands in the industry and has partnered with promising start-ups and it is continuing to deliver top-notch results. The pandemic period was a great learning experience for them as well.

With 80% of the positions going all remote, it was a huge change in the recruitment industry as well.

With the uncertainty during the initial months of the pandemic, many positions were on hold and Metaskills had to devise new strategies to engage more clients. Neelanjana got huge support from her family members, especially her husband who is also her business mentor along with her parents, who constantly motivated her to startup.

On a lighter note, Neelanjana’s 6-year-old daughter latched on to recruitment terminologies that she must have overheard during her mother's calls and quipped them in her conversations which provided a comical respite from the pressures of business.


Neelanjana with all her experience advises hustling a lot as there is no shortcut to success.

It is never late to restart your career, especially for women entrepreneurs who are looking to come back after a long break. They are proud to be an all-women team and they encourage female candidates to join in their mission.

Neelanjana urges people to read extensively and to experiment and explore new boundaries both in personal development and in business alike.

She focuses on building great connections through social media like LinkedIn and working towards building one’s brand consistently.

Lastly, she concludes by saying that “Success does not mean never falling, it does mean that you refuse to give up every time you fall”.


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