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Neelanjana Choudhury: Metaskills Recruitment and Training Consulting

In 2015, Neelanjana Choudhury, an internationally certified Soft Skills training &

recruitment professional with rich corporate experience in HR and IT sectors, founded

Metaskills Recruitment and Training Consulting - an exclusive recruitment firm on a

mission to help high-growth technology companies globally attract exceptional talent to

drive innovation. In the Leadership & IT recruitment space, the agency has spread its

roots very fast.

At Metaskills Recruitment, the agency believes in delivering a carefully vetted pipeline of

candidates to increase the selection rate and productivity. Apart from recruitment,

Neelanjana also provides training on various soft skills modules like Business Etiquette,

interview skills, stress management, Motivation, and time management.

Neelanjana believes that to reach the greatest potentials nurturing relationships and

motivating teams are important. With her belief she fosters deep connections with both

clients and candidates, which improves satisfaction while boosting productivity and


With certifications from SQA and NABET and as an author, speaker, and jury member,

she is a true mentor and coach from the heart. By her vast experience, network, and

passion for teambuilding, she is fulfilling the aspirations of clients by attracting and

developing the industry's premier talent.

But what makes them different?

  • High Selection Ratio : Almost 90% of the candidates have been hired. This

attracts candidates who are genuinely interested in the positions and aligned with

the organization's needs.

  • Unique Recruitment Team : They have a team of highly skilled recruiters,

experienced in industry, who select passionate and genuinely interested


  • Empowered Team of Professionals : They are a dynamic all-women team,

driven to achieve swift results in closing positions.

  • Timely Resume Submission : Clients can expect the first resume submission

within 24 hours of initiating the recruitment process, ensuring timely progress.

Metaskills Recruitment have faced difficulties in getting clients and candidates, in their

early phase. Metaskills had developed trust and gained experience by focusing on

startups and delivering excellent service.

Neelanjana had to found new approaches to engage clients. Her family gives her

strength and support. Her husband as a mentor supported her business. Neelanjana's

7-year-old daughter picked up recruitment terms from overhearing calls, using them

humorously in conversation and providing comic relief from business pressures.

With hard work, dedication and commitment to the clients, Metaskills have become a

leading recruitment firm.

Neelanjana advice women to experiment new things personally and professionally. She

talks about hustling and trying as there is no shortcut to success. She highlights the

importance of failure in success, and how can one overcome it through dedication and


She encourages women entrepreneurs to rejoin work because it's never too late to

restart your career. Metaskills Recruitment proudly empowers female candidates to join

their mission.


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