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Nicole Mazza’s Relay Technologies-a delivery network purpose-built for e-commerce

Relay Technologies, founded in February 2022 by Jonathan Jenssen and Nicole

Mazza, is a delivery network purpose-built for e-commerce. Relay enables e-commerce

through re-wiring the critical delivery infrastructure to address the growth of e-commerce

in Europe and the US.

It is based on China’s proven model. It works by re-designing the parcel journey from

the retailer's warehouse to the client’s door. They provide facilities like real-time order

management and tracking to personalized analytics dashboards.

With asset-lite pit stops & on-demand delivery fleet options, Relay can easily flex

capacity based on real-time demand. For clients, this means no rigid volume caps or

surge prices during peaks, providing reliability and consistency for customers all year


Their unique facilities make them stand out from the crowd. Their core values are first-

to-last-mile parcel delivery, efficiency, speed, and sustainability.

Reliable Next day delivery & return 98% On time. Flexible and pre-bookable shifts make

it easy for clients to collaborate. Minimal Storage time. Their eco-friendly parcels are

greener, reduce CO2 emissions per parcel, and better for the planet.

During her career, her biggest task was to keep standing in the heavily male-dominated

and old industry. Her goal was to break the old rules of the current industry to build

something that would beat the incumbents.

Gaining respect when you are the youngest around the table and a woman is hard not

just because of those two components but because you are part of a startup that is

trying to disrupt the space.

She believes in resilience and persistence, as that is what can prove that gender is not

a limitation but a source of strength in their entrepreneurial journey. But also, she

advises you to trust your instincts and believe in yourself.

“ Nobody will make your life easier but you! Keep pushing! ”, she added.

Social Media : Linkedin


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