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REITIUM Technologies by Laura Fortey : Pioneering Innovation in Real Estate Investing

Using state-of-the-art Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Laura Fortey's

2018 startup REITIUM Technologies is revolutionizing real estate investment in

the center of Vancouver, British Columbia., a prominent

participant in Canada's real estate services industry, distinguishes itself with its

goal of democratizing and streamlining investing, enhancing accessibility and

security for all.

Innovative Solutions: REITIUM's Competitive Edge

REITIUM Technologies stands tall as one of the pioneering companies in

Canada offering DLT-based investment solutions. Their unique selling

proposition lies in a perfect blend of competitive pricing and technological

advancements. What sets them apart is the integration of digital payments into

their platforms, effectively addressing a significant industry frustration. Notably,

their referral program is designed to create a dynamic, two-sided marketplace.

Nurturing Innovation: Overcoming the Challenges of Growth

The journey of REITIUM Technologies has not been without its challenges.

Sustaining the innovative spirit that fueled their initial success required a

dedicated focus on fostering a culture of innovation within the organization. As

they navigated the complex worlds of fintech and real estate, grappling with

intricate regulations and ensuring compliance became a daunting task. Yet,

through a thorough understanding of the legal landscape and proactive

engagement with regulatory bodies, REITIUM Technologies overcame these


Building a cohesive team aligned with the company's vision proved to be

another significant challenge. Strategic talent recruitment and a workplace

culture that encourages growth and innovation were the key strategies

employed. As Laura Fortey guided her team through these challenges, she

demonstrated a mix of resilience, strategic thinking, and exceptional leadership


Laura Fortey's Advice for Women Entrepreneurs

For aspiring women entrepreneurs, Laura Fortey shares invaluable advice.

Confidence in one's abilities, the understanding that failure is a stepping stone to

success, and building a supportive network, including mentors, are crucial

aspects. Continuous learning, curiosity, and embracing new ideas are vital in the

dynamic business landscape. Taking calculated risks, managing time effectively,

and confidently advocating for oneself and one's vision are also essential.

Promoting diversity and inclusivity not only fosters innovation but also reflects

the diverse nature of society. As success is achieved, giving back to the

community through mentorship and supporting relevant causes becomes a

fulfilling part of the entrepreneurial journey.

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