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Richa Mongia: Crafting Sustainable Sanctuaries with Live Fabulous - Redefining Interiors

Driven by a love for converting living spaces into sustainable havens, Richa Mongia started Live Fabulous - Redefining Interiors in 2017. Her Gurgaon studio, tucked away in the centre of New Delhi, has developed into a creative hotspot, finishing more than 100 projects in the Delhi-NCR area in just seven years.

With a focus on residential interior design, Live Fabulous provides customized solutions, creating houses that capture the distinct character and way of life of their customers. From small flats to opulent mansions and expansive farmhouses, Richa and her crew tackle every project with a unique combination of skill and imagination. 

What really makes Live Fabulous unique is their dedication to designing "Happy Homes"—areas that are serene and joyful in addition to having a lovely appearance. Richa is a firm believer in the ability of design to improve well-being, and her team puts in endless effort to ensure that each project includes sensory-rich features and sustainable practices.

There have been difficulties along the way. Richa faced challenges when she moved from a service-class background to business, but her tenacity and fortitude got her through them. She has overcome every challenge and come out stronger, more motivated, and more dedicated to her goal.

Being an entrepreneur, in Richa's opinion, is about changing people's lives for the better rather than just getting money. She views herself as a maker of experiences as much as an interior designer, creating spaces that are filled with treasured memories.

Richa gives advice and words of support to aspiring female business owners. She places a strong emphasis on the value of having a purpose in one's profession, pursuing one's passion, and persevering through hardship. She thinks that everything is possible if one is committed and persistent.

Richa Mongia continues to be at the forefront of innovation and creativity as Live Fabulous redefines interiors and creates spaces that inspire. With her human-centred approach and unwavering commitment to excellence, she is not just designing homes – she's shaping the way people live, love, and thrive.

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