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Seagram's Systems Audiovisual: A Symphony of Event Excellence

Comprehensive Audiovisual Solutions for Event Planners


Seagram's Systems Audiovisual (Seagram AV) is an event production company specializing in turnkey live, hybrid and virtual events. We work with corporate, education, nonprofit and association planners and venue partners to ensure an excellent event for attendees and clients, and exist to take the stress of technology off the event planner so they can focus on running a successful event.

Seagram AV has overcome various challenges since its founding in 2014, from navigating unexpected shifts during the global pandemic to managing growth fatigue. Founders Ian and Megan Seagram seized these challenges as opportunities to revolutionize event production.


Drawing from their extensive background in the hotel industry, Ian and Megan bring a unique perspective to audiovisual services. Their turnkey approach blends innovation and efficiency, seamlessly integrating technology to craft unforgettable events.


Leading the Way in Virtual & Hybrid Events


Driven by a passion for events and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Seagram AV has a rich history rooted in the founders' hospitality experience. Transitioning from the hotel sector to event technology, Ian and Megan leveraged their expertise in event management to carve a niche in the industry.


In 2019, facing burnout despite financial success, the founders contemplated scaling back operations. However, the onset of the global pandemic prompted a strategic pivot, positioning Seagram AV as a frontrunner in virtual and hybrid event technology.


Empowering Entrepreneurs: Fostering Collaboration and Community


Seagram AV champions the power of collaboration over competition, emphasizing community and mutual success. Co-founder Megan Seagram advocates for women entrepreneurs, offering insights gleaned from her own journey. She believes in transforming isolation into collaboration, nurturing connections, and fostering growth.


Recognizing the importance of support networks, Seagram AV extends gratitude to those who have contributed to their success during challenging times and is an active member of several local and national organizations.


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