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Self Development - Advice - Part1

  • Learning Through Action and Failure

  • Balancing Entrepreneurship with Motherhood

  • Valuing Struggles and Experiences as Entrepreneurial Lessons

  • Empowering Yourself to Soar in Business

  • Informed Entrepreneurship: Research and Networking

  • The Essential DOs and DON’Ts of Entrepreneurship

  • Lessons Learned from the Entrepreneurial Trenches

  • Harnessing Skills for Entrepreneurial Success

  • Unleashing Your Unique Skills and Possibilities

  • The Continuous Journey of Learning and Upgrading

  • Prioritising Self in Entrepreneurship

Learning Through Action and Failure

You learn by doing it, failing and then finding a better solution and repeat till we get results. Tuning into our inner GPS guides us to move forward. We can start creating things from inside out then. While we feel entrepreneurship is about achieving, it's actually about becoming.

Shilpi Chandiramani, Founder, Jiscovery

Balancing Entrepreneurship with Motherhood

Owning a business and being a mother of two young children means that one must know where and what to prioritise. By focusing on the tasks at hand and not allowing external thoughts or distractions get in the way, event professionals and entrepreneurs alike can accomplish more and accomplish it better.

Seema Mandora, Founder, ECS

Valuing Struggles and Experiences as Entrepreneurial Lessons

I truly believe that one' s struggles and experiences are an Entrepreneur's Best Teachers.One piece of Advice that I would like to give to Young Women Entrepreneurs is to PRIORITISE YOUR WORK , LIKE YOU PRIORITISE YOUR FAMILY AND KIDS.

It gives us our Identity and so, should not get a Backseat.

Anubha Singhai, Founder, PhysiQure

Empowering Yourself to Soar in Business

Give flight to your wings.

Preeti Jhanwar, Founder, MX Creativity, Kings Weds Queens and Bhartiya Parampara

Informed Entrepreneurship: Research and Networking

The key to starting a business is to get as much information as possible. If you have limited financial resources, look out for free services and events. They can be found easily on the net. Also sometimes any in person social networking activity can benefit into a business lead so go out more often and spread word about your business.

Richa Upadhyay, Founder, Projas Technologies

The Essential DOs and DON’Ts of Entrepreneurship


1. Define your products and services and develop your own specific niche.

2. Become a solution provider and a problem-solver.

3. Be competitive in pricing, but not necessarily the lowest bidder.

4. Know your competitive advantages and know your competitors.

5. Be patient, polite, kind, and work VERY HARD!

6. Be wise with your money and reinvest in your company.

7. Keep motivated and happy employees.

8. Keep satisfied customers; they are your best references!

9. Create case studies about your success studies and publish them.

10. Create a strong network of worthwhile partners.

11. Keep your sales-pitch concise and understandable.

12. Tailor your message to each respective audience.

13. During meetings, give specific answers.

14. Be compelling and passionate about your work and be ready for rejection!

15. Ask your customers for industry referrals.

16. Create your own brand!

17. Give generously to others, the community, and your family.

18. Help peers, colleagues, and small entrepreneurs.

19. Select your associations; not all of them are good. Ask others about them.

20. Work hard towards your goals and objectives. If you fail, try as many times as necessary and believe in what you are doing.

21. Be ethical and build a good reputation. A bad reputation can destroy your business.

22. Be honest and fair with your business partners.

23. Be truthful and do not oversell your company.

24. Give more than expected.

25. Offer something for free. A study, white paper, coaching session, etc.


1. Don’t stop believing in your vision and never quit!.

2. Don’t be dishonest. Don’t engage in unethical negotiations.

3. Don’t promise what you cannot deliver.

4. Don’t leave a bad reputation behind. Don’t solicit your customers’ employees.

5. Don’t be late for meetings.

6. Don’t be negative.

7. Don’t be pushy – Give time to your client to understand your offer. 

8. Don’t create problems.

9. Don’t look for easy ways out.

10. Don’t miss your deadlines.

11. Don’t embarrass your clients.

12. Don’t be afraid to fail and try again.

13. Don’t try to be a CEO, a president, or a VP if you cannot keep a regular job!

14. Don’t treat others poorly.

15. Don’t lose your patience or your temper!

16. Don’t stop caring about others (Customers, Employees, Friends, & Family).

17. Don’t forget about yourself! – Take time for you and your health.

18. Don’t stop giving to others. Yes, without expecting something back.

19. Don’t be a poor communicator.

20. Don’t be afraid of giving 110%.

21. Never, ever, speak poorly about a customer, no matter what happened.


Lessons Learned from the Entrepreneurial Trenches

I am not sure I have tips but I have certainly learned a ton of stuff along the way. Here are my 3 biggest learnings :

1. Stop working for free. However tempting it may be to do this to build brand awareness, its so important for you and others to know your worth. I often “bartered” things in the beginning with fellow business owners.

2. Be super clear on your audience. The lure of keeping things broad is super tempting but carving out a clear niche for yourself not only builds your own brand but makes referral so much easier!

3. Have a growth mindset. Resilience is key. You are going to have set-backs on a weekly (if not daily!) basis, getting through these is your superpower.

Meena Anand, Founder, The Careers Company

Harnessing Skills for Entrepreneurial Success

Believe in your skills and abilities to succeed as an entrepreneur. Prioritize tasks, set goals, and stay focused on your vision. The journey of an entrepreneur can be challenging, but resilience and perseverance are key to success. Stay positive and stay focused on your goals, even when faced with obstacles.

Remember, success as an entrepreneur takes hard work, dedication, and a willingness to learn and grow. Believe in yourself, seek out support, and never give up on your dreams.

Kanthi Rekha, Founder,  Lookuptrendz

Unleashing Your Unique Skills and Possibilities

Believe in yourself, in each lies a unique skill and great possibilities... It's just about finding that and following it against all hurdles.

Shilpa Jahagirdar, Founder, Let's Attune 

The Continuous Journey of Learning and Upgrading

Keep working, keep learning, keep upgraded, Market knowledge, people management and public relationship Patience is the key ...and lastly Never give up.

Prioritising Self in Entrepreneurship

Keep yourself first

​​Shruti Joshi, Founder, Estrange Aurora


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