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Shaily Garg: Pioneering Innovation in the Construction Materials Industry

GlobalFair Impex: Founded in 2021, GlobalFair Impex, based in San Jose, California, is redefining the construction materials market with its innovative approach. With a strong online presence and commitment to customer satisfaction, GlobalFair aims to revolutionize the industry through technology and transparency.

Technological Innovation: GlobalFair sets itself apart with its advanced technology solutions that address issues of reliability and transparency in cross-border trade. Their intelligence platform is reshaping B2B trade, setting new standards for efficiency and transparency.

Remarkable Growth: With impressive growth figures, including a 90% month-over-month increase in value and expansion into 36 US states, GlobalFair is not only disrupting but reshaping the industry landscape.

Resilient Journey: Shaily Garg's journey with GlobalFair has been marked by resilience and determination. Despite facing challenges in entering the traditional construction materials market, her commitment to customer satisfaction and innovative solutions has propelled GlobalFair to exceptional growth.

Empowering MSME Suppliers: Through initiatives aimed at transforming manufacturing in countries like India and Vietnam, Shaily is empowering MSME suppliers to access global markets like never before. GlobalFair's vision of a borderless business economy is becoming a reality, one factory at a time.

Dream Big and Stay Focused: Shaily advises aspiring female entrepreneurs to dream big, stay focused, and seek supportive mentors and peers.

Embrace Challenges: Embrace obstacles as opportunities to grow, never stop learning and improving, and lead with compassion and integrity even in the face of adversity.


Shaily Garg and GlobalFair Impex exemplify the transformative power of passion, innovation, and courage in entrepreneurship. Their journey inspires others to dream, disrupt, and change the world one entrepreneurial endeavor at a time.

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