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What is your definition of bold? Being a woman you all must have heard this word ‘BOLD’ many times in your entire life. Worn some revealing clothes- Oh she’s too bold to be wearing that, come home late night- Aren’t you too bold to be roaming so late, keep your own point of view firmly- Wow you are very bold to say like that. This word ‘BOLD’ is often used to indirectly shame women. However, this word has a great meaning in itself.

‘BOLD’ means being confident, not afraid, brave, brazen, and everything in a good sense. The true meaning of ‘BOLD’ is explained by three really beautiful and amazing entrepreneurs who decided to portray the real ‘BOLD’ woman through their brand. They have shown the real side of being ‘BOLD’. They have portrayed a different side of women in


With a common motive, these women started a brand named ‘Bold in Africa’ which now has turned into an inspiration for a lot of women. Their brand has been a place to showcase women with their true selves.

Nunu Mugyenyi, Angel Nkwaya, and Janet Mugume were friends and fresh undergraduates who had an aim to do something in fashion. At first, they had a small vision. They just wanted to open a boutique. And to the contradiction, they used to re-sell second-hand clothing. But it didn’t take long for them to face problems. The first problem they faced was a very common problem that every reseller would face especially in a place like theirs. It was an issue to purchase affordable local-made clothing. Secondly, there was no place to open a convenience store outlet.

So, within a year of starting their outlet, they moved from secondhand to Ugandan-made pieces and then to African-made clothing. They started their journey in 2021 and after 7 years of ‘Bold in Africa’ in 2019, they started to include home décor and kids apparel in their business. All they have tried to fill the gaps in the market and make people more conscious about ‘BOLD’ women and African-made products.

The main focus of ‘Bold in Africa’ is on showcasing ‘Bold Women’. With that, they have a mission to portray their African culture and creatives through their fashion and home décor, nationally and internationally. Through ‘Bold in Africa’ they provide a chance to various small designers who want to portray their skills out in the world. They are Bold Women who produce and sell Bold products specifically Made in Africa.

Although being the first of its kind, ‘Bold in Africa’ has successfully created a space for more than 40 designers representing more than 10 African countries collectively. They believe in collaboration with a spirit of enhancing the local. They work through one physical store right now located in Kampala but they also deliver within the city and soon will be launching their online store delivering across the world.

‘Bold in Africa’ is not just another fashion store. It is their way of showing Bold women through their culture. These three such great women started it from scratch and now they have achieved heights. They are an inspiration for many women out there. They are even motivating us girls and women to be Bold and do what we dream of. They have shown that there are no limitations for us.

No matter where you live or what you do, if you have the passion and courage to follow your dream and choose your path then there is no one to stop you and you are Bold in the most beautiful way.


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