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theMakings: Shaping Future Leaders for a Better Tomorrow

London, 2020.  Leadership coaching was a well-established industry, but Lucy Allen and Sinéad Millard saw an opportunity to shake things up. Traditional options were expensive and catered mainly to senior executives. theMakings, their brainchild, emerged as a fresh approach – a training and coaching platform focused on developing the next generation of leaders.

Personalized Coaching, Efficient Delivery: One-on-one coaching had proven its worth, but Allen and Millard saw limitations. They envisioned a more accessible and efficient solution. theMakings platform delivers personalized coaching tailored to individual strengths – all in impactful, 23-minute sessions. This focus on core development cuts through the fluff, maximizing leadership growth.

Scalable Solutions, Diverse Expertise:  theMakings doesn't stop at individual coaching. They offer fully customizable programs that align with an organization's culture and development goals. This scalability allows them to empower companies of all sizes to nurture their leadership talent. Further enhancing the experience, theMakings boasts a carefully curated team of global coaches. With diverse backgrounds and expertise, these coaches ensure a tailored approach for each business.

Standing Out in a Crowded Market:  The leadership coaching market is competitive, with established giants. Facing this challenge, Allen and Millard focused on smart marketing that highlighted their unique value proposition – high-frequency sessions, customizable programs, and a curated coach network. This strategic approach successfully captured the attention of key industry players.

Success Through Innovation and Collaboration:  theMakings' story isn't just about survival; it's about thriving. Their impressive client list includes Kellogg's, L'Oreal, and Formula E. Innovation and collaboration are key ingredients to their success. They partner with behavioral scientists, high-performance athletes, and thought leaders in the field. This commitment to continuous improvement is furthered by their Head of Performance, Olympic medalist Leon Taylor, who brings his athletic experience to push the boundaries of leadership development.

Advice for Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs:  Lucy and Sinéad offer invaluable advice: persistence, self-belief, and emotional intelligence are essential for success. Building a strong support network, seeking mentorship, and embracing self-awareness are crucial. And of course, they emphasize the value of coaching – a wise investment for any entrepreneur.

theMakings stands as a beacon in the leadership coaching landscape.  Their commitment to innovation, collaboration, and empowering future leaders paves the way for a brighter tomorrow. With Allen and Millard at the helm, theMakings continues to inspire and empower leaders, one coaching session at a time.

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