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Think Like Rachel Unlock the Hidden Potential of Your Business

Rachel Anderson is the theorist behind Pivot Studios, and she has dedicated her profession to guiding companies and executives towards accelerated growth. With over 15 years of

proficiency in the field of marketing and leadership, Rachel is an expert at providing companies with strategic insights, customized programs, and strong marketing infrastructures to support their quick growth.

From Marketing Leader to Growth Strategist

Anderson's journey began as an exceptionally skilled marketing leader and seasoned

consultant, working across various business sectors. Her keen attention to her surroundings

made her realize the crucial role of timely and accurate information for employees, managers, and executives. This realization sparked her passion for equipping individuals with the necessary tools to achieve their goals, whether guiding young professionals or advising senior leaders on navigating significant change for growth.

Pivot Studios: Fueling Rapid Expansion

Pivot Studios, founded by Rachel eight years ago, focuses on serving startups, series-funded

companies, and executives in achieving clarity, confidence, and support to manage hyper-

growth effectively. As a fractional CMO and marketing consultant, Rachel aids leaders in

formulating and executing growth strategies that yield significant results for their companies.

The Importance of Human-Centric Teams

At the core of Rachel's approach is the stress on cultivating human-centric teams. The founder is convinced that hobbies are vital to career success as they play a crucial role in creating human-centric teams. She believes that by empowering employees to excel and deliver optimal ROI, managers at all levels can drive and deliver big success. This philosophy has opened the door for Rachel; she has been able to develop winning teams using data and win over executives, all while achieving business hyper-growth.

Challenges and Overcoming Adversity

Navigating a male-dominated industry was facing numerous challenges for Rachel, including

having her true self rejected, questioned, or challenged at work. Regardless of how she was

mistreated and troubled, she made a choice not to use the word "unfortunately" in her business story. Therefore, through perseverance and a commitment to her mission, she not only secured but also booked a seat at the table but also began uplifting others, amplifying marginalized voices, and fostering a "human-first" approach within her teams.

Advice for Women Entrepreneurs

Drawing from her own experiences, where she lacked a supportive environment in the initial

stage, Rachel advises women entrepreneurs to acknowledge and reject the narrative that

suggests limited success for women in leadership roles. She inspires women leaders to actively engage in communities that promote and empower women, reframing experiences and building networks of like-minded individuals to navigate challenges and pursue success for themselves, their businesses, and their communities.

Rachel Anderson says, "The best leaders are the ones that understand that they don't have all the answers, but they know how to ask the right questions and empower their team to find the solutions." She has in her says and ways highlighted the essence of effective leadership. Her perspective on defining the best leader. Her perspective on defining the best leader seems to be an authentic leadership style, which itself proves why she belongs on the list of them.

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