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Utah's 40 Over 40: Breaking Barriers, Advancing Women

Julia Deaver and Robyn Cohen are a dynamic duo leading a revolution in the bustling streets of San Jose. Their creation, "Utah's 40 Over 40," is more than just an awards program; it's a forceful declaration that questions social conventions and celebrates the strength of women over 40. This program, which was founded in 2022, is rewriting the history of sexism and ageism.

Beyond 40: A Celebration of Triumph: Transforming Identifiability

About gender inequality, Utah's 40 Over 40 stands out as a shining example of reform. This isn't like any other award presentation. Every year, the event honors the exceptional accomplishments made by women who have reached the fantastic 40 and beyond. Beyond the glitz, it's a fervent call to embrace talent, irrespective of age or gender.

Breaking Down Stereotypes: Utah's Audacious Step:Sexism and Ageism: Not in Our Witness 

What distinguishes Utah's 40 Over 40 program? It's the steadfast dedication to eradicating stereotypes. This is a wrecking ball aiming at the glass ceilings that sexism and ageism have constructed, not merely an award. "Your achievements define you; your age does not" declares the initiative.

Inclusivity as a Superpower: Utah’s Edge, an Experience Compared to Youth

Utah's 40 Over 40 reverses the norm in a society where youth is prized so highly. It's important to acknowledge the wisdom and experience that come with age, which are frequently overlooked, in addition to celebrating accomplishments. Their superpower is their inclusivity; it's not just a feature.

Julia Deaver: Overcoming Adversity

Powerhouse Julia Deaver is the driving force behind this endeavor. With her family, divorce, and personal struggles to navigate, Julia's path is more than just about accolades—it's about victory. Her experience proves that perseverance is the key to success.

Empowering Others: Julia's Call to Action

Julia's path continues after her victories. It goes beyond a simple duty to help women who have encountered much more difficult circumstances. Her resources and empathy turn become instruments for empowering, amplifying, and elevating voices. It's a movement, not merely an initiative, in her opinion


Uncovered: Julia's Entrepreneurial Wisdom:

Julia offers advice to aspiring business owners. Sharing your narrative, being passionate, and being resilient are more important than just the business. She inspires others to embrace their journey with bravery and passion because she is aware of the transforming potential that a narrative can have.

Founders Driving Change: Robyn Cohen and Julia Deaver

The change architects, Robyn Cohen and Julia Deaver, are more than just founders—they're trailblazers who question conventions. Julia's talent for design and Robyn's W Collective come together to lead a project that is changing attitudes about women over forty, not just honoring them. Utah's 40 Over 40 isn’t just an event; it’s a movement, a celebration, and a call for change. It’s about embracing the brilliance that comes with age, shattering stereotypes, and empowering women to rewrite their narratives. Watch out, Utah; the revolution has just begun.


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