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Breaking Barriers: Debbie Hansen Bosse's Visionary Leadership in Social Enterprise

The Flora May Foundation is a special force for good creating waves in the center of San Clemente, Orange County. Debbie Hansen-Bosse founded an all-female nonprofit organization in 2015, and it is changing lives and communities with its steadfast commitment to assisting parents in distress.

The history of the Flora May Foundation and how Debbie Hansen-Bosse's love of community service resulted in the establishment of an organization that is renowned for its dedication to quality and diversity. 

In the realm of tireless determination, meet Debbie – a single mother who not only raised twin college-level children but also manages two businesses. Her relentless ambition extends beyond personal success; Debbie is on a mission to walk in the illustrious footsteps of Flora and her grandmother, ensuring their legacy resonates with all.

Debbie's journey involves numerous pro bono acts, from the heart-warming task of locating lost children to generously donating substantial goods to CHOC Children’s Hospitals of Orange County. For her, The Flora May Foundation isn't just a cause; it's a powerful vehicle to extend help and touch the lives of countless families in crisis.

Diversity in Action: 

The Flora May Foundation's significant projects, where diversity is a way of life rather than just a catchphrase. The organization is dismantling obstacles and building a network of support through collaborations with like-minded NGOs and a staff managed by women.

Discover the extraordinary life of Flora May Hansen, the inspiration for the foundation, in Flora May's Living Legacy. Flora May left a lasting legacy that has shaped the foundation's work over the years, from her happy dance floors to her kind acts at every red light.

Debbie Hansen-Bosse: Empathizing in Leadership:

Get to know the vibrant energy behind the success of the Flora May Foundation. Debbie Hansen-Bosse, the youngest daughter of Flora May, is the driving force behind the foundation's significant initiatives because of her unwavering ambition, commitment, and compassion for others. The Flora May Foundation's primary aim is to support families and parents who are dealing with serious emotional or medical issues. The organization seeks to protect family unity, foster hope, and provide people with services that are specifically designed for their particular circumstances. New items are purchased straight from big-box stores and given to Children's Hospital of Orange County's Neonatal ICU, or CHOC.The Flora May Foundation is unique in that it does not rely on donations from the general public to pay for its staff salaries or operating expenditures. Instead, all monies are raised internally.

Beyond Charities: A Comprehensive Method:

Examine the ways in which The Flora May Foundation deviates from conventional charity models. By means of inventive initiatives, tactical collaborations, and an emphasis on being "much better together," the foundation is transforming the manner in which charities effect long-term change. Building Bridges, Not Barriers: Take note of the Flora May Foundation's innovative approach to problems, which involves dismantling obstacles and erecting bridges of community support. Find out how the foundation overcomes challenges and keeps improving the lives of low-income families. The Flora May Foundation is a place where action and hope collide. Each donation serves as the foundation for our organization, which is committed to transforming lives.


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