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Deepti Gehani : Homes for Life Real Estate

Name: Deepti Gehani

Business Name: Homes for Life Real Estate

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Establishment (Year): 2008

Profession/ Specialty: Managing Partner

Website :

Social Media : Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | LinkedIn | Twitter 

Company Detail:

Homes 4 Life is a multi-award winning boutique Real Estate brokerage in Dubai which has proven its potential on various platforms by making record sales with top tier developers like Emaar, Dubai Properties and Nshama.

Founded in 2008, this year the company completes its 10 years of success in this highly competitive real estate industry. The organization’s success is based on three pillars (brand values): strong networking, customer service excellence and agility.

Realty sales and marketing are core business functions but every department is truly synchronized to work closely ensuring the organization works as a unit to achieve unified goals.

Unique Selling Proposition / Competitive Advantage:

Being a boutique sales brokerage firm, achievement of sales are always the high point of every career for any leader in the scenario. Deepti’s career high point achievement was during Q4 2017 where the company went on to score sales of AED 110M which was far much above than any other competitor within the industry, and complementing the highest ever sales figure was the exceptional team that made it happen till the last.

The market throughout the year was not very favourable with strong rules and regulations being imposed by the authorities to market properties, however with a slight push and lots of encouragement Deepti made sure the team reaches success mark of AED 100M which they did with ease at the end.

Challenges faced during the Journey:

Our client repeat ratio and referrals are two parameters that are evident of our direct results on success. As a brokerage they have always believed in not selling in their offerings but to understand the clients' requirements first and then offer something from their portfolio or something from within the network.

This strategy of putting clients' requirements first has helped them to score at a higher rate than that of the industry. The lead to closure ratio of Dubai Real Estate Industry is between 3 to 5% whereas Homes 4 Life has been consistent with just below 8% lead to closure ratio. She has conducted several training and sessions to ensure that the sales team puts in clients' requirement first before offering something from our bucket list.

Deepti believes empowering people and developing strong networks within the industry which ensures success in the long run. Realtors who tend to focus on closing deals only usually end up in short term success only.

Advice for Women Entrepreneurs:

Deepti would like to say that the current era provides more opportunities than ever before for women to excel and she also advices that if you are equipped well with knowledge and confidence there is no chance anything would stop you.


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