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Empowering Minds and Transforming Lives: The Journey of Ankita Jagtiani Coaching

Ankita Jagtiani Dadachanji ignited a flame of empowerment and optimism amidst the bustling streets of Mumbai. Since founding Ankita Jagtiani Coaching in 2019, her visionary approach has garnered recognition in ADHD coaching, life coaching, and youth leadership spheres. With a fervent passion for guiding individuals towards self-realization, Ankita's methodology exemplifies the transformative potential of personalized strategies and steadfast support.


A Symphony of Empowerment

Ankita Jagtiani Coaching embodies a harmonious fusion of services aimed at uplifting and motivating individuals. Leveraging her expertise as a seasoned life coach, Ankita empowers clients to cultivate unshakable self-confidence and self-worth. In her role as a youth leadership coach, she collaborates closely with emerging leaders, utilizing a comprehensive 360-degree assessment as the cornerstone of her coaching philosophy. This tailored tool, complemented by detailed reports, forms the basis for individual and group coaching sessions that ignite leadership potential within corporate settings.

Ankita's dedication to fostering inclusive and supportive workplaces is palpable through her advocacy for harassment-free environments via Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) awareness programs. Furthermore, her groundbreaking work as a certified ADHD coach—the second of its kind in India—demonstrates her unwavering commitment to aiding adults with ADHD in surmounting daily obstacles and enriching their lives.


The Path to Innovation and Inclusion

Ankita Jagtiani Coaching stands out not only for its diverse range of services but also for its distinctive selling points that drive its success. Ankita's pioneering focus on ADHD coaching addresses a notable void in Mumbai's coaching arena. Through her tailored accountability frameworks, clients experience tangible progress, with practical, actionable steps bridging the gap between sessions. Moreover, Ankita's meticulously crafted 360-degree assessment tool revolutionizes organizational dynamics, particularly for SMEs, providing comprehensive insights at an accessible price point.

Overcoming Obstacles with Grace and Grit

Every journey has its challenges, and Ankita's was no different. The advent of COVID-19 posed unforeseen hurdles, prompting a strategic pivot towards long-term solutions that could withstand the pandemic's impact. Entering the corporate coaching arena also presented initial obstacles, which Ankita navigated with perseverance, offering free sessions to leverage her pre-coaching network, ultimately leading to referrals and broader corporate engagement.


A Message of Strength and Self-Belief

To women entrepreneurs embarking on their journeys, Ankita offers invaluable advice borne of her experience: trust in oneself and discern between excuses and growth opportunities. By understanding the difference between self-doubt and genuine concerns, women can navigate their paths with clarity, making decisions that foster growth rather than hinder progress.


The Future Beckons

As Ankita Jagtiani Coaching continues its journey of evolution, its influence on individuals and organizations deepens significantly. Through a unique blend of specialized services, cutting-edge tools, and a profoundly personalized coaching approach, Ankita not only transforms lives but also cultivates a community of empowered individuals poised to leave their mark on the world.

In a world where self-discovery and personal development are paramount, Ankita Jagtiani Coaching stands as a beacon of dedicated guidance and transformative growth. For those seeking to unlock their full potential, Ankita's coaching services provide a roadmap to both personal and professional fulfillment, solidifying her position as a guiding light within Mumbai's vibrant coaching landscape.

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