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Erin Judd's Cinematic Symphony of Creativity in the Concrete Jungle

One production business, in particular, sticks out in the thriving creative scene of New York City because of its unmatched ingenuity and devotion to keeping word. Let me introduce Erin Judd and her boutique production company, No Frames, which was founded in 2005 and has been influencing the visual narrative landscape ever since.

A Legacy of Creative Excellence:

No Frames has developed into a highly specialized full-service production firm providing creative and technical services for advertising, film, and photography, building on a legacy of creative excellence. No Frames has produced a wide range of projects, including feature films, music videos, branded content, TV commercials, social marketing, B2B initiatives, and unique short-form material. With almost two decades of expertise, the company has made a lasting impression on the industry.

Reputation as a Cornerstone:

No Frames' reputation-based strategy is what makes it unique. Relationships and an uncompromising dedication to keeping promises made to clients, coworkers, and every project completed have been the foundation of the brand's painstaking construction. The business takes great satisfaction in its laid-back, adaptable, and open nature—qualities that have helped it achieve tremendous success in the cutthroat competition of the market.

"The harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph."

Erin Judd, Executive Producer and Owner of No Frames, emphasizes the importance of resilience in overcoming hurdles in any organization. The goal is to maintain focus, motivation, and progress with each new venture. The organization adheres to a concept that sees competition and logistical hurdles as everyday realities to be overcome rather than impediments. Erin believes that the most difficult aspect of being an entrepreneur is the need for self-motivation to keep moving forward, ideating, managing teams, and creating possibilities even when they are not immediately evident. Her advice in the face of inevitable hardships is to take a moment to regroup, recover, and then forge ahead. Erin's journey with No Frames stands as an inspiring testament to resilience and determination in the pursuit of creative excellence.

Visionaries Behind the Lens:

No Frames is led by visionary filmmakers who create unique visuals to tell tales. Erin Judd, Executive Producer, and Mikko Timonen, Director/DP, have managed the company with a focus on creative and effective production standards on a global scale. Jeff Brown, the Head of Production, brings his seasoned skills to the commercial division, overseeing it with painstaking

attention to detail and a fantastic sense of humor.

Crafting Visual Narratives:

Erin Judd and her team at No Frames provide comprehensive visual storytelling services, including broadcast advertising, branded films, social content, explanatory videos, photography campaigns, and more. With an emphasis on people, culture, and lifestyle, the agency has perfected the art of ideation, collaboration, execution, and delivery at all stages of the production process.

A Cinematic Symphony Unveiled:

Erin Judd's No Frames is more than a company in the fast-paced world of creative video and photography production; it's a symphony of cinematic

elegance that reverberates throughout the concrete jungle. With each precisely produced frame, No Frames continues to reinvent the visual narrative, leaving an indelible mark of ingenuity and sophistication.


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