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Igniting Transformation in Lifestyle and Workplace Well-beingAbout L I T Wellness Solutions

L I T wellbeing Solutions, an award-winning company dedicated to transforming health and wellbeing, is a leader in holistic lifestyle well-being and non-diet nutrition therapy. Tanya Fasnacht Jolliffe, RDN, LD, CIMHP, founded the company in 2019. It specializes in using lifestyle as medicine solutions to guide people and organizations toward long-lasting health breakthroughs.

Energizing Transformation Beyond Diets: 

L I T Wellness Solutions promotes the idea that dieting is insufficient to provide long-term improvements in one's weight, health, and quality of life. Their method goes beyond nutrition treatment and explores the fundamentals of lifestyle choices. In addition to adopting good eating practices, clients foster a culture of wellbeing and fully consider the effects of their lifestyle decisions.

Tanya Fasnacht Jolliffe, RDN, LD, CIMHP, serves as the visionary Founder of L I T Wellness Solutions. As an acclaimed health professional, author, and speaker with extensive experience spanning decades in the health and wellness arena, she brings a distinctive approach. Tanya specializes in guiding clients to convert lifestyle and workplace behaviors into choices that foster health, safety, sustenance, productivity, and overall well-being across all facets of life and work.

The primary tenet of the approach is the advancement of lifestyle modifications as long-term medical interventions. L I T Wellness Solutions is committed to assisting people and organizations in embracing holistic lifestyle well-being and non-diet nutrition therapy. This entails giving clients the knowledge and skills to comprehend how their decisions about what to eat, where to live, how to move, and how to work affect every aspect of their health.

Customer-Centric Differential Offering:

L I T Wellness Solutions' unique selling proposition is its ability to help clients save real money, time, and resources. With a reputation for taking on and resolving challenging issues, the business is currently considered the industry leader. In addition to receiving competent advice, clients also feel a sense of trust and a personal connection, which highlights the company's distinct position in the industry.

Customer References Raise Your Voice:

The greatest way to describe L I T Wellness Solutions' USP is through the words of its satisfied customers. The curriculum is praised for everything from raising awareness and creating tools to comprehending ideals and how personality affects actions. It tackles the "whys" of overeating problems and offers a comprehensive strategy that genuinely prioritizes health.

Overcoming Obstacles in Perspective Shifting:

Changing people's perceptions on weight and health management has been a major problem for L I T Wellness Solutions. Assisting people in realizing that changing their lifestyle behaviors affects every aspect of their well-being is part of the process. Their mission has benefited greatly from this paradigm shift.

Our Goals, Purpose, and Principles:

A scenario in which well-being enables people, families, and companies to positively impact the world. Our goal is to ignite change in people and organizations by fostering a harmonious culture of well-being in the workplace and lifestyle and, in the end, allowing freedom in relation to things like food, body, life, and health. We adhere to the principles of respect, diligence, honesty, and integrity. These ideas serve as the cornerstone for establishing cooperative, trustworthy connections aimed at enacting significant change. Our objectives include improving lives, providing partners with worthwhile services, and receiving referrals for our dedication to quality work.

Recognized Women-Owned Business:

L I T Wellness Solutions is pleased to announce that it is a state-recognized women-owned business enterprise (WBE) in Ohio as well as a federally accredited women-owned small business (WOSB).


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