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Stephanie Robbins: Pioneering Healthy Snacking with Hyht Bites

Stephanie Robbins launched her business, Hyht Bites, with the goal of changing the snacking scene in the seaside town of Pacifica, USA. Hyht Bites was founded in 2020 with the goal of revolutionizing children's snacks. Under the Moon Fruit brand, the company offers enticing, healthful, and enjoyable fruit snacks. 

Our Mission: Redefining Kids' Snacks

  • Our mission is to provide the perfect snack for kids that parents love too.

  • A perfect snack is loved by kids, loved by parents, and convenient.

  • Everything we make is healthy, flavorful, and gentle on the planet.

Inspiration: A Journey to Wholesome Snacks

  • Stephanie Robbins and her business partner, both working moms, struggled to find wholesome snacks their kids truly enjoyed.

  • Their dissatisfaction with the market's selection of products led them to create Moon Fruit, a crunchy, colorful snack made from whole fruit without added sugar.

Ingredients: Real Food, Real Nutrition

  • Moon Fruit is made from whole fruits, with no added juices or concentrates.

  • The snacks are guilt-free, junk-free, and packed with nutrition in every bite.

Innovation in Snacking: Introducing Moon Fruit

  • Moon Fruit stands out with its creative snacking approach, offering a guilt-free treat made from real fruit and a hint of gluten-free oats.

  • The freeze-drying process preserves the fruit's natural nutrients, making it a healthy option for both parents and children.

  • With flavors inspired by smoothies, a crunchy texture, and fun space-themed packaging, Moon Fruit has become a favorite among kids everywhere.

Overcoming Challenges: Scaling and Expansion

  • Equipment problems and high automation costs initially hindered Stephanie and her partner's ability to scale operations.

  • Switching to a co-manufacturer allowed them to overcome these obstacles and paved the way for further growth.

  • Launching a new brand during the pandemic presented additional challenges, but Stephanie and her team adapted by introducing Moon Fruit directly to customers through in-store demonstrations and sample packs.

Guidance for Female Entrepreneurs: Embracing Challenges

  • Stephanie offers advice for ambitious female business owners, emphasizing the importance of having faith in one's goals and overcoming obstacles.

  • Bringing ideas to life and receiving positive feedback from customers make the entrepreneurial journey worthwhile.

Conclusion: Leading the Way in Healthy Snacking

Stephanie Robbins and Hyht Bites exemplify the creativity, resilience, and dedication essential to entrepreneurship. With Moon Fruit, they continue to lead the way in healthy snacking, inspiring better choices and brighter futures for kids worldwide.

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