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It doesn’t promise you results, it ASSURES results

Get Fit with Meenali J

When most people think about getting healthy, they often think about the amount of work it entails. The diet plan that results in throwing away the snacks you love, waking up at six in the morning, exercising for 5 hours a day, etc. It’s not a particularly appealing idea to the common man. They may not eat enough to meet their body's needs, or they may be too busy and lack energy control. Physical disease, such as infections, tumours, or other illnesses, may also cause weight loss. Weight loss can also be caused by eating disorders and other mental health issues. Many individuals are unable to initiate an exercise regimen due to a lack of motivation. They may consider exercise to be too much effort, too dull, or just not for them. Perhaps they have attempted exercise in the past and failed, or they have given up because they do not like it. Over that gyms are overpriced and so are fitness trainers.

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"Fitness is not 30% workout and 70% diet. It is 100% dedication to workout and your diet."- Get Fit with Meenali J

Personal experience instils confidence

Meenali J like many people was a major foodie, particularly fond of the taste of junk food and due to the constant fatigue she faced amidst her workload. Her intake increased; she particularly had kind of lower back pain, migraines, and health anxieties. It was then she realized that things had to change, which is quite significant. False advertising for all intents and purposes has specifically become an increasing problem for the fitness industry and health industry. Companies generally tend to focus on sales more than the well-being of their customers, which in the long time proves to be their downfall. Meenali found herself drawn towards the promise of a healthier lifestyle. She tried and tested it all, weight-loss powders, pills, herbal products, crash dieting, and also tried eating less to defeat weight gain, etc, but nothing seemed to work. Nothing changed, she really saw no results. She saw a silver lining when she for the most part found that having a sustainable nutritional plan was what supported her weight loss in a big way.

Making a change

From there her journey began. Meenali focused on learning more about these nutrition plans and improving her fitness goals. This personal experience urged her to put her funds into a small company called “Get Fit with Meenali J”. Her new goal was to take all the knowledge she acquired to better the future of every individual. Assisted by the Head of Operations Mrs. Jaya Shirahatti who has experience in both teaching and the banking sector. Throughout her banking career, she has served a large number of customers, ensuring high-quality support. She agrees that upholding quality standards and ensuring prompt fulfilment can result in customer loyalty, which is their goal.

Discover the “Food Guru” Within You

Our approach is simple – we help you identify foods, ingredients, and eatables in your own kitchen. We motivate you to have your regular food and prepare recipes of your taste and liking in your own kitchen. We inspire you to be the best judge of your own tastes and hence, discover the food guru within you!

Quality Products and Services

Have you ever been on a diet and wanted to eat a snack? But then you hold yourself back in fear of it being unhealthy. Get Fit with Meenali J’s team of experts have come together to sell quality assured and healthy products. The products range from chocolate bouquets, cooking essentials, sugar free chocolates, health and personal care products, Sakhi period chocolates, Stevia and Whey Protein. These are healthy products that we recommend, however, these do not form a part of our diet plans. Neither do we recommend super foods nor promote any specific brand(s). Their services are also very affordable. Their Detox plans are there for singles, couples and even families! Personalized Consultation includes customized diet plan & training, weekly monitoring and corrections, daily phone call and WhatsApp support.

Customers are a company’s success

Even if people want to pursue a healthier lifestyle, they often approach it the wrong way. At times, they end up skipping out on meals in hopes that it’ll help them lose weight faster. What they fail to realise is a healthy body isn’t just determined by how much they weigh. The best way to know if an organisation is successful, is to look at its customers. Get Fit with Meenali J has only shown promising results. The company puts everything on the table, they are straightforward and transparent. Their website has published customer stories of multiple people. People have had a weight reduction from 89 Kgs to 78 Kgs, 77 Kgs to 67 Kgs, all in a matter of 12 weeks.

Why Get Fit with Meenali J?

The vast majority of people are reluctant to stick to a healthier long-term lifestyle, despite their willingness to do so! There seems to be a contradiction here. Today, we are unable to properly weigh the costs and drawbacks of adopting unhealthy behaviours, and we are prone to succumbing to short-term gains at the expense of longer-term advantages. A balanced lifestyle is like putting together a puzzle of different bits. It is easier to take steps if a person is more mindful of the existence and weight of these objects, as well as which ones they personally find the most difficult.

Get Fit with Meenali J doesn’t promise you results, it ASSURES results.

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