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María González Revuelta: Transforming Homes and Empowering Aspiring Decorators

Visionary Entrepreneur: Meet María González Revuelta, a trailblazer in Barcelona's interior design industry, dedicated to inspiring creativity and originality through La Academia De Decoración.

Empowering Decorators: Founded in 2018, La Academia De Decoración aims to revolutionize interior design education, offering online training programs and free video content to help individuals resolve decorating challenges and create homes they love.

Creative Teaching Approach: María's innovative "The 10 Layers of Decoration" method streamlines the learning process, empowering students to grasp every aspect of decorating and develop their artistic sensibilities.

Enthusiastic Response: La Academia De Decoración's revolutionary approach has garnered acclaim, with over 1,000 students enrolled in their decoration classes and 965 5-star Google ratings.

Thought Leadership: María's influence extends to her YouTube channel, boasting 364,000 subscribers and over 55 million minutes of video viewed, and her best-selling book, "Manual of Decorative Styles," which received overwhelming praise worldwide.

Commitment to Quality: María's dedication to quality and creativity sets La Academia De Decoración apart, offering self-diagnostic tools, personalized input, and an emphasis on aesthetic mastery.

Innovative Approach: María demystifies complex concepts and makes décor understandable to all, showcasing her unique value proposition and establishing herself as an innovator in the field.

Tenacity and Determination: María and her team have faced challenges with resilience, managing the complexities of YouTube content creation and transitioning from lucrative marketing professions to pursue their passion.

Commitment to Lifelong Learning: As a self-taught businesswoman, María emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and improvement to stay ahead in the industry.

Self-Awareness and Perseverance: María stresses the value of self-awareness, perseverance, and surrounding oneself with supportive individuals for aspiring female entrepreneurs.

Embrace Personal Development: María encourages young women to prioritize personal development, stay flexible in the face of change, and fully embrace their passions.


Visionary Leadership: María González Revuelta is not just a successful entrepreneur and interior design expert but also a visionary leader committed to empowering individuals to create spaces that reflect their unique personalities and lifestyles through La Academia De Decoración.

Social Media: Linkedin


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