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Monica Casadei: Iride Acque SB Srl

Name: Monica Casadei

Business Name: Iride Acque SB Srl

Location: Seregno, Italy

Establishment (Year): 2014

Category/Industry: Professional and other Business Services

Profession/ Specialty: sewage depuration

Company Details:

Iride Acque is an Innovative SME active in the sewage depuration business, having developed a unique ed patented technology called EMER. It allows to purify and sanitize industrial sewage “in situ” giving back a product with features to be reutilized in the production cycle. The technology is based on the catalytic oxidation process combined with a magnetic bar. It uses hydrogen peroxide, an eco-friendly oxidant and the nanotechnological catalyzer is obtained from waste batteries, making Iride Acque an extraordinary example of the circular economy. More precisely, an example of a double circular economy is when our customers decide to reuse their wastewater after purifying it.

Unique selling proposition/ competitive advantage:

Our solution offers many advantages compared to traditional ones, such as lower CapEx and OpEx, smaller dimensions and lower waste sludge production. The solution meets the clients’ claims for process simplification, compactness, modularity, flexibility. In addition, the technology could be integrated with traditional ones, improving the output’s features but avoiding the full plant replacement. The use of hydrogen peroxide makes our plants capable of disinfecting sewage too. Viruses are extremely sensitive to oxidizers such as hydrogen peroxide which is at the basis of our purification process. So, our plants don’t require to be followed by a disinfection step and are integrable within existing plants to guarantee disinfection.

Challenges faced during the journey:

When I was very young, and I was already managing my first company I had to fight for making me took seriously. It was very frustrating, then I realized that I had to exploit their "carelessness" instead of fighting it.

Advice for women entrepreneurs:

You will feel alone but don't be afraid, it's normal. What will keep you company will be the growth of what you are creating daily. Being an entrepreneur means being a point of reference for your employees even when you're not sure what's the best to do.


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