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Path towards the innovation: Newton Software Pvt Ltd

Innovation is a process that begins with an introduction to a plan of an idea and will become a new function and so it is different from creation, so with this idea Priya Nevagi from Pune came up with her own company Newton Software Pvt. Ltd. (Newton).

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Newton is a Software company who strives consistently to build innovative products for automating manual working processes into automated software solutions.

Newton is a well-known name in the field of innovative software solutions, with a strong focus on civil engineering and real estate, as well as the corporate world for contract labour and visitor management with the integration of face/biometrics and allied products.

This company is made up of a group of industry experts who upgrade existing products and introduce new ones.

Newton Software provides the construction industry latest techniques which are highly important at the very initial phase of construction that helps them to plan their construction cost in advance and track the developments of their construction site by not being dependent on the manual methods and which causes delays in the process. Her contributions can be summed up as changing the construction industry as a whole and bringing about automation in its processes which was not the case before.


NSPL is majorly in Business Services business from last 16 years and provides various solutions like


E-gatepass is an ultimate Automatic Gate Pass System. Where the visitor management System is simple to use & no supervisor is required, And the visitor can simply enter the visiting card & gate pass can be made automatically by using simple touch-screen operation.

While scanning the card the photo of the visitor is also printed on the gate pass.

Visitors can also type the data on the touch screen if required. The unique feature of the visitor management solution is that it can record both the entry & the exit of any visitor in the premise.

Visitor management system enables you to close the loop of the entry exit system. Where the data of the visitors can be easily maintained & accessed at a later date. This data can also be sent on the web for online communication from site / factory to Head office.

Even SMS Alert to concerned people on arrival of a visitor at the Gate Alert also available on the lan as a ‘POP UP’, if it is connected to the Newton gate pass management system.


The company provides exclusive CRM for sales, with no loss of enquiries. It also optimised Estimation & control of Cement & Steel.


Autoscan software gives Bill of Quantities from ACAD drawings in LBD measurement sheets and abstract formats. It gives BOQ for concrete quantities for footing, column beam slab with shuttering and all the major finishing items like flooring, skirting, dado, paint, plaster, waterproofing, masonry and many more. It is a very user-friendly product that generates quantities within minutes. Ideal for giving quick estimates. Saves manual errors and it is 50 times faster and reliable and accurate than the manual process. It is independent of human expertise and dependence.

This software company was awarded by MCCIA in 2014, and today Newton is a family of 1340 happy clients and 2254 projects with 2124 hard working hours.

City : Pune

Country : India

Website URL :


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