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Spectra Supply: Crafting Safety Solutions for Women in Industry.

Sally Morse, the driving force behind Spectra Supply, a family-owned firm in Calgary, Canada. Spectra Supply, founded in 2019, specializes in producing high-quality safety gloves with a distinct focus on designing specialized goods for women working in a variety of professions.

Breaking Barriers: Sally's Passion for Women in Industry.

Sally Morse, a significant shareholder and the driving force behind Spectra Supply, is on a quest to reinvent safety gear for women in male-dominated sectors. Her devotion has led to the creation of women's work gloves, with plans to launch a full collection in 2024. Sally actively supports women in trades, not just through Spectra Supply, but also by co-founding the inspirational event "Futures In Trades and Technology."

Pillars of Success: Quality, Price, and Unrivaled Customer Service.

Spectra Supply is built on three pillars: uncompromising quality, competitive price, and exceptional customer service. Beyond simply selling gloves, the company's expertise in women's personal protection equipment (PPE) distinguishes them, providing vital insights and support to firms navigating the world of safety gear for women.

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Looking ahead: Spectra Supply's impactful vision.

As Spectra Supply expands, Sally Morse stays committed to becoming a pioneer in the field of women's safety equipment. The forthcoming launch of a full line of women's work gloves in 2024 demonstrates Spectra Supply's dedication to innovation and diversity in the safety equipment industry. In a world where safety knows no gender, Spectra Supply is paving the road for a future in which any woman in industry can work confidently, protected by equipment specifically intended for her.

Journey Through Challenges: Building Slowly, Building Strongly

Sally, a single parent and entrepreneur, confronts obstacles head on. The company, which is self-funded and operates from a home office, has overcome the challenges of getting finance. The path is a rollercoaster of ups and downs, but the resilience learned is invaluable. Spectra Supply's current focus is on dispelling prejudices about women's safety gear, training companies, and raising awareness about the importance of properly fitting safety equipment.

Sally's Advice for all other new coming Entrepreneurs

Sally's advise to other female entrepreneurs is simple yet profound: find your distinction and go for it! Seek mentorship or join entrepreneurial groups for guidance and knowledge sharing. Sally has built crucial partnerships along her journey and believes in the power of a supportive network.


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