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Dr. Cynthia Knight Journey to Educational Empowerment

Dr. Cynthia Knight, a passionate educator, established Choice Charter School in 2022, with the mission of educating a greater number of young kids with high school diplomas. The Iowa-based school has prioritized the well-being of the students as they work towards completing their High School education. 

Choice Charter School is the first in Iowa founding group charter school. Their Curriculum is Accredited by the Iowa Department of Education for grades 9-12 and allows them to partner with Students, up to age 21, who are seeking their High School Diploma. They provide individualized guidance and create personalized Educational Plans for each student. Through apprenticeship and internship opportunities, they also prepare their students for college and university. 

Each year in Iowa around 5000 high school students leave their graduation due to the issues like academic struggles and balancing their employment responsibilities with the expectations put upon them regarding their education. 

“Our focus is ensuring that Students have the tools and resources they need to reach their personal and professional goals during High School and beyond!” 

The school focuses on meeting the unique needs of every student, providing additional support, stability, safety, and structure required for their passion and future building. 

Dr. Knight has tried for 13 years to make the school stand up to the barriers. At first, Dr. Cynthia Knight started a program called Iowa Net High Academy, then she created a non-public school named Jordahl Academy. Iowa Department of Education has set a lot of restrictions to allow these entities to provide a quality educational experience for the youth in Iowa. Now in year 2 of the charter school, the first year of running the school was extremely difficult because being the first, there were many unknowns from the Iowa Department of Education. They constantly ask for reports, meetings, and demands, which nearly vanishes in the second year. Dr. Knight never gives up on the youth of Iowa. 

“Keep moving forward and persevere. Do not ever give up but find the things that work and keep moving forward.”

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